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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Firemedic, Mar 16, 2002.

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    I am really pi$$ed! I have a shipment from CMP of ammo (see, it's gun related) coming in. They shipped it Fed-Ex ground. They make 3 attempts then ship it back. Yesterday I wasn't home when they made their first attempt. CMP requires personal signature so I called Fed-Ex and asked if I could pick it up. They responded they weren't set up for that but would deliver today. I waited around all morning but had to go out. and misses them by 30 minutes,

    I called again. No, I couldnt pick it up, they would make attempt 3 on Tuesday (they are closed Monday) and no they couldn't tell me about what time. AM or PM. I have a class I need to go to in the morning on Tuesday. I threw a fit (well, sir, most people have a package sent to where they will be!) They will make an exception and hold it for me on Tuesday at the warehouse I can pick it up between 9am - 3pm (but, sir, I don't want you to think we are doing this because you are yelling at me) Lady, I'm not yelling yet, just frustrated, you should hear me when I yell!
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    they are my shipper and they always accpet and release packages at the wharehouse just ask for the local hubs number next time

  3. I live in a one well, two horse, few teeth and even fewer with common sense town in the middle of nowhere. I get quite a bit of leather supplies sent and when I miss them I occassionally pick the stuff up at the warehouse with no problem and I have it sent with last name so my wife has even picked up stuff.

    Sounds like someone is messin' with ya.....yepper.

    If it's delivered while you're home go out and meet the dude, or dudette, with a gun on. See if they give it to you then. If they do, ask them then, with one of those Clint Eastwood looks, if he was the one messin' with ya...he he he he
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    Why don't you just have them ship your stuff UPS. They have a much larger operation - with more locations - so it would be easier for you to pickup the ammo if you were not home to sign for it.
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    I work for Fed Ex ground in Kansas City and we accomidate customer pick ups all the time. You would'nt believe the amount of ammo we ship. You're lucky if you get it at all, it breaks open in our automated system sevral times a day. It makes a huge racket and sometimes is a little scary to see dozens of milsurp cartridges wedged in powered metal rollers and dropping from overhead conveyors:eek:

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    Thats real comforting. I'm not sure I want my ammo that was. I think CMP ships in ammo cans.
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    Hey Firemedic
    Get the fire Chief to let you ship it to the fire station like i do then there is always someone to sign . Plus you guys will get a little more respect if the town thinks it firefigthers are packing . our p.d. is right next door to our fire house and we use them sometimes too. it makes thinks alot easier . just an idea.
    DavidC firefighter/paramedic in Texas