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    What good will it do me, other than to not pay transfer fees? Do places give better discounts if you have one? Are there good connections involved? I am seriously thinking about getting one anyway...so when I want to buy another oldie, I don't have to keep paying the fees, but are there other benefits?
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    No transfer fees, usually cheaper than dealer price, and you can have the weapon delivered to your home address.

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    New York
    Regarding home deliver of firearms: what you can have delivered to your home varies, mike. I suppose in states with civilized gun laws you can have any curio or relic rifle, pistol or shotgun delivered to your door, but that's not universally true.

    For example, in the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York, all pistols must be delivered to a Class 1 FFL. In practice, this means a gun shop, and it means you must pay transfer fees and state sales tax, plus the usual NICS check. (At least most dealers don't charge you for that.) If you get the hardcopy dealer catalogs, by which I mean the catalogs from wholesalers like Century Arms International, J&G and others like them, you'll see warnings, little logos and boxes with the international 'NO' sign on them in the ads.

    For instance, the latest CAI catalog has a special stamp with the outline of the state of California on it and the 'NO' slash. They also have a box with NY, NJ, CA, CT and MA in it, and a 'NO' slash. And if that's not enough, they have one with just NJ, CA and CT in it as well. Advertised firearms with ads so marked won't be sold to anyone with an address in those states.

    This also extends to magazines. The CAI catalog page with the magazines has a box on it warning which magazines (that is, of what capacity) can't be sold to addresses in various states. Even if you have a C&R, it makes no difference. CAI must comply with state laws.

    In California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia, you must have a pistol sent to a Class 1 FFL. In Massachusetts and Illinois, additional paperwork must be on file with the seller before you can buy using your Class 3 C&R license. Check with BATFE to be sure what you can have shipped to your home in your state.

    I feel the price breaks you get with a C&R make it worth it, but your mileage will vary depending on what you want to buy. Getting dealer markup out of the cost helps more than you might think. Just be sure to calculate the cost per round to see if a price is a good deal for you compared to what you'd pay at the gun shop when you buy ammo; and include shipping, the transfer fee and sales tax if your firearm has to go to a Class 1 dealer to see if ordering from a catalog is a bargain.
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    You will be able to buy from a lotta places you cant without a 03.. opens up another whole avenue of purchasing.. As Cyrano stated check the prices and weigh carefully before you buy ..with or without 03 its very good advise:)
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    Well here's the deal, I saw some 91/30's at the gun show yesterday, they couldn't tell me anything about them good/very good, excellent, etc. The last Nagant I bought, was from J&G and I could not have been happier. I want to get another 91/30...I sold my M44 yesterday for $140. Well, I want to get the new one from J&G, but I will get a $35 t-fee charge. So I thought, why not get an FFL 03 and not ever have to pay those extra fees again? I mean, if it's gonna cost $30-$40 either way. And on top of that, if there are further discounts going to FFL's, then that's a plus too. I am not quite sure what you are getting at when speaking of checking prices...ammo prices...to see if it's worth an FFL? It would pay for itself after buying just one from J&G, wouldn't it? And Marion, don't you have a link somewhere on this forum about getting a class 03 FFL? I don't recall and didn't bookmark it what I first checked it out. Anyway, let me know what you all think.
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  6. In addition to the excellent outline of info from Cyrano, SOG requires a separate certificate if you live in a state bordering California, even if you have an 03-FFL on file.

    California is my perenial home but the legislators are probably the most clueless (not just for fireams) in the country.
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    The only bad part about a C&R is waiting for it to be approved. It pays for itself in 1-2 purchases and allows you to buy online.

    Geo, are you talking about the "License Certificate"? SOG wanted me to sign it, basically stating that I was not aware of any laws I would be violating. It seemed like a catch-all, no mention was made of my state. They let me send it in after shipping my guns, as they just needed it for their records and the copy they sent me didn't scan well to send by email.
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  9. yeah i need to get one of those these days, my 91/30(STILL at the gun shop, although there were about 5 other Mosins and an SKS in the back, so maybe its not so lonely) is getting lonely sitting in the safe with no other Mosin around it.
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    Thaddy, after I got my 03 I sent a copy to Brownells and a couple weeks later I got a BIG catalog with a letter explaining how I could take advantage of some very nice discounts. A few purchases will probably cover the cost of the license.
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    this isnt a current up to date sight but has a lot of info for new guys wondering about a 03 FFL
    BTW the add's are all out of date too LOL

    What everyone means is check out what the current prices are at all the dealers sometimes the can be a big difference
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    Also places like Midway or Graf And Sons will give you discounts with a C&R.
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