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    How can i get an FFL? Is it expensive? i only want it to by one gun not to sale but keep. who much will this cost and how long will it take for me to get it?
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    You might try getting curio relic ffl for 30.00 and its good for 3 years. But there is restrictions on guns you can purchase. Generally guns that are 50+ years or older. Go to ATF Web site , they have the application and instuctions. Just a thought. Too many hoops to jump for a regular ffl and believe you must maintain a store front for an ffl.

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    I think a C&R is good for any guns made before 1946. You go get teh paper work from the ATF web site and fill it out then take it to you're local police or sheriffs and they sign off on it if they want and you file with the ATF then. Not sure of time frame but once you have it you are opend at any hour to be checked in on and dont even think of having a gun on hand that you didnt log in. I dont care if it is you're families gun. No big deal but mistake can be expensive. Rick B
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    My C&R took about 5 weeks to get approved and filed.
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    they also require a storefront before they grant a license, plus your state may also require their own dealers license and tax license. if all you want is one gun why not use a dealer already in business? most will order something for a small fee.
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    C&R FFL

    Stock Doc,

    You have a couple of misconceptions about a C&R license. The local CLEO does not have to sign off on the C&R application. He is only sent a copy for information purposes. He does not have to do anything with it. Also, the BATF does not have the right to come into your home for a routine inspection without your permission. The licensee has the option to have the inspection conducted at a BATF office. Thirdly, you do not have to log all of your firearms, only C&R firearms obtained while licensed. Any you had before licensing do not have to be in your "bound book" unless you dispose of them while licensed. Modern or antique firearms do not have to logged at all. Generally, C&R firearms are those that are at least 50 years old OR are on the BATF C&R list. There are a lot of firearms on the list that are less that 50 years old (mostly commemorative or rare firearms no longer made, such as the Dardick series).

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    Thanks Rich I guess I thought the FFL rules applied to most of the C&R. I have a feeling sonner or later it will be close to the same if our rights keep getting messed with. Thanks again,, Rick
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    For one gun, forget getting any kind of FFL. It's way too much hassle. A C&R FFL costs $30, which is about what you'd pay a dealer to order a gun for you, and all you'd have to fill out is 4473. For several guns, it's a better idea.

    Do M1 Garands officially count as C&R?
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    M1 Garands made prior to 1956 are specifically listed on the C&R list. There were a few made in 1956 and 1957 that are not C&R. I don't know why they are not listed.
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    Applies to any gun 50 years old or older . Also to any gun specifically named on the C&R list .

    Yes you must keep records .

    $ 30 for 3 years .

    2 copies of the form , one mailed to your CLEO ( cheif law enforcement officer ) . No big deal if you are in a gun friendly state .

    The other copy to the BATF , along with your $$$$ .

    Wait about 4 - 8 weeks .

    God Bless
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    In addition to what has been said above - A new FFL will cost you $200 for 3 years. After that renewals are $90 for 3 years. You will have to send fingerprints & photo in with the application. You DO NOT have to have a store front - I operate out of my house with a county home business permit.
    Inspections must be made durring normal business hours. In my case I stated on my original lisc application that I was open by appointment only so batf must call me and make an appointment to come do an inspection.
    There are lots of guns less than 50 yrs old on the C & R list.
    For a C & R batf must call and make an appointment to come look at your books & weapons, or as someone said, you can go down to the local office and they never get into your house.