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    gentlemen,i just bought a cz 52 the other day and was wondering how to remove barrel from slide.when i take pistol apart by pulling down on tabs on side of pistol,the whole slide comes off,but where do i go from there.also has anyone bought the hardwood grips from FAC for the cz 52?how do they fit and look?thanks in advance>:target:
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    I only did it once and could not rember...involves useing the lip on the bottom of the magazine ... In any case here is a link to the PDF versoin of the owners manual for a cz-52 complete with the instructions...I got it off a Makarov page... If it does not work go to Then go to the CZ section.

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    ok the PDF link dont work..The PDF section is the SMALLCZ section on the LEFT side bottom of the site menu and NOT the CZ section you see in the top center of the page...thats for ordering parts and accessories..
  4. Giguy,

    the easiest way for me to decribe how to remove the barrel is to lay the receiver in the palm of your hand, barrel pointed away and the inside of the slide pointed up.

    You will notice a hole just in front of the two roller bearings. Take a screwdriver, small enough to fit in the hole, and push the barrel forward while, at the same time, inserting the fore finger of the hand holding the receiver in the ejection port. Using the finger push up on the barrel as you push the barrel forward with the screwdriver. At some point it will clear the slide grooves and the barrel will come up.

    Be careful when pushing up the barrel since it's spring loaded, of course. So be ready to catch/stop it with the other hand in the event it decides to jump out of the receiver.

    This should do the trick for you.

    To insert it just lay the spring and barrel in the slide...push forward with you thumb until it seats.

    Good'll have a ball with your IS some gun, fer sure.

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    thanks guys

    that did it,push forward and it lifts out.little stiff and hard to get back in ,but i wanted it all apart for initial cleaning.i also downloaded manual.thanks a bunch:)
  6. No problem 'guy.

    That's what this forum is all about...a brotherhood to help each other and glad I could help. Heck, who knows, someday soon you might be able to give me and the other 'brothers' a solution to a problem....that's what it's all about....yepper.
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    Hey, you can also use the bottom lip of the mag (meaning at its base) in place of the screwdriver on the roller assembly. Both parts were designed to work that way.

    It IS one of my favorite guns, no question.
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    What exactly are you guys talking about? The only CZ-52s I have seen are rifles, in the Czech 7.62x45 caliber. Did the same company give the same name to a handgun?
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    Klaus, the two guns in question are listed the same in many sources. However, the rifle should be referred to as a "VZ-52," just like the "VZ-24." As you already know, the V stands for "Vzor," or Model. The pistol is commonly referred to by the maker, Ceska Zbrojovka, and called CZ-52 just to stop the confusion.(Oh, me and my big mouth again!)

    PS-I believe that the inventors/developers of the CZ-52 pistol are two brothers with the last name of Koucky(Really!).