figured out my Chinese SKS date

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jlem, Feb 25, 2009.

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    So just for fun I typed in to google ( Chinese sks markings ) and 3 hours later my head hurts and I know way more than I probably need to know. I did figure out the arsenal and date of my Chinese SKS from Yooper John web site. I always thought that all Chinese SKS where made by Norinco but I was very mistaken. So I figured out that my Chinese SKS was made by /26\ JIANSHE ARSENAL in 1963. So now I am curious if some Chinese SKS's are worth more than others which will be another night.


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    Jlem this is were everyone refered me to when looking for the year of manufacturing for my chinese...

    Yooper John

    lots of info on every type of sks...
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    wow, thats a great site. thanks!
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    MANY shops made the SKS in China - it was practically a cottage industry! We are still finding previously unknown manufacturers' codes, and they are added to Yooper John's chart. The dating by serial # range method for the SKS in China works for the /26\ factory, but will NOT necessarily work for other factories. From what I have read, the /26\ factory was the primary PRC arsenal for production, which is why we see so many compared to others.

    Norinco was a late-comer to SKS production. Most of their guns were made for the commercial market. True military contract SKS rifles usually bring a higher value.
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