Finally got me a reverse osmosis water system for the house

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    Hiya Guy's :) ...

    Ever since I moved to Meridian just over 5 years ago I decided that I wanted to get away from me fluoridated city water so I started buying bottled water from Freddy's and Albertsons for the coffee pot and another 35 gallons of water on hand from All About Water here in my neighborhood for drinking and cooking which hasn't been too expensive to maintain, and since I try and recycle as much as possible all the empty water bottles weren't going to the landfill, they were getting recycled with the rest of my recyclables.

    Well, lately there has been a lot of pissed off people about the recycling situation here locally and the problems that it's been causing . Apparently a lot of the stuff that folks like myself have been turning in to be recycled was actually being shipped over to China and I guess the Chinese have had enough of it and they've put a lot of restrictions on what they will and will not accept or recyclables . The trickle-down effect to this here locally is that now we're only supposed to recycle stuff that is marked recyclable #1 & #2 and nothing else , especially bottled water bottles , yogurt cups and a lot of other plastic stuff that folks recycle a lot of and a lot of folks are to the point that with all these new restrictions for what they can and can't recycle and all the stuff they can't recycle anymore it's just not worth recycling anything at all. The two main sanitation companies that we have here locally have announced that when they're recycling trucks come in with a load of stuff to recycle they'll take a quick look at it and if they see anything in the load that's not considered recyclable #1 or #2 the whole **** load gets thrown out and it ends up in the landfill anyway and this has a lot of people really pissed off.

    I finally decided that I needed to try and change the way I've been doing things for a while now because I'm not going to start throwing away more plastic stuff and be responsible for more stuff ending up in the landfill than I'm suppose to recycle because of this nonsense. I looked at a few options and I talked to the owner of All About Water who happens to be a really nice guy, a strong Second Amendment supporter and he carries his EDC every day , needless to say we get along great :) . Anyhoo I decided that it was time to get a water purification system for here at the house but I didn't want just a Zero Water pitcher or one of the other water pitchers that claims to be able to filter out 100% of the fluoride from fluoridated city water as well as the chlorine that they add to it and anything else that ends up in the water from the system , so I decided to invest in a 5 stage reverse osmosis water system :) . After looking at the RO systems he had available there in the shop and then doing some more research online and reading a lot of Amazon reviews I finally decided to order this one :

    While I was at it I decided that I may as well spend a few more dollars and buy a shower filter to install in the shower to filter out the chlorine and stuff because that's one of the other things that I want to get away from because it's not good for you just like the sodium fluoride that a lot of cities add to their water supply, so I decided to add this one to my order as well as a digital water tester to periodically check the water quality coming out of the filter and the RO system in the kitchen :

    20180516_171614.jpg 20180516_171435.jpg 20180514_161856.jpg
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    So far I'm impressed with how well this water system is designed and I can verify what the reviews say as to how easy it is to install. The system is basically plug-and-play and comes with plenty of fittings water line adapters and other things you'll need to hook it up and it's basically plug and play. In my case the existing Plumbing is the old 3/8" & the T fitting that comes with the system is the newer 1/2" standard so I need to pick up a couple of adapters that I will probably get tomorrow. Believe it or not we went up to the local Homer Depot this afternoon but they don't have such an animal there and neither does Lowe's so tomorrow we'll run over to Grover's in Nampa & get ,a couple . I already called them and they have exactly what I need for about $6 and that beats the $25 I would spend at Lowe's or Homer Depot trying to piece together something that would eventually work . Other than that the system is installed hooked up and ready to go, all I need to do is connect it to the cold water line and I'm done . I'll be able to use the RO system for drinking water, the coffee pot, iced tea and keeping the water supply I keep on hand here at home topped off. Best of all no more Flats of bottled water to buy and no more recycling them and in this case no water bottles going to the landfill.

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    In the close to 30 years that I have lived at my place I can easily count the times I have drank water out of the tap on one hand. Depending on the season our local water district heavily chlorinates, to the point that especially when you are in the shower you can easily smell the chlorine.
    I have researched filtration systems over the years and came close to buying a RO system some years back but after seeing how often filters HAVE to be changed I have stayed on bottled water. A guy I know some years back spent big bucks on a whole house filtration system and with good quality filters its a night and day difference, but he is changing filters at least once per month, sometimes more as they notice a change in the taste of their water.
    I think as I get other projects taken care of this year I will look into water filtration systems again and maybe also getting the well back up and running just in case its needed and with good filtration it might be drinkable.

    Anyway, it would be great if you could do samples of before and after filter water and see just how well the systems does.
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  4. I will have to admit we have pretty dam good tap water here !.............
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    With the cost of water filters, and the disposal problem of same, it might be economical for some folks to go with an electric (can be solar panel powered) water distiller, for drinking and cooking water purposes.

    The only problem with drinking distilled water is that you need to make sure you are getting a good source of minerals in your diet. The positive to that is that you control which minerals, and how much.
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    All water is filtered. You either buy a filter or you are the filter.
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    Being the filter is rarely a good thing.:eek:

    BTW- Drinking the output of that filtration process is not a good thing either!;)

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    Remember I came from California. AND their crazy recycling. Before I left ALL household garbage had to be gone thru. People there had 3 curbside containers. A blue for new paper, paper, aluminum, plastics, glass, and cans. A green for green waste. And a grey for common garbage (s**t that goes to the landfill).

    I move to Tennessee and the garbage is along the roadside. Rednecks takin the backroad and tossin their beer cans out the winder. As for recycling your aluminum, it only pays .59 cents a pound here in Tennessee. California was paying close to 2 bucks a pound when I left. Of course California has the CRV tax (California Redemption Value). But I can already hear the rednecks b**chin about a recycling fee added on to their beer price:D

    I have thought about getting one of them water filter deals. The water here is pretty bad. We get our water out of a natural spring. GREAT water with the natural filtration system of Mother Nature. It all gets screwed up with chlorine, and fluoride AFTER or WHEN it goes thru the city water plant. You can smell the chlorine as it comes out of the tap. What's funny is the ones working for the city water department have not clue one about how much of that s**t to add to the water. They hire someone new and put them in the water plant watchin how much chemicals are being added to the water. NOT CLUE ONE about what they are doing.
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    Our new (to us) house has a well, no city water available as we live too far out in the county out of city limits. I am learning all about this stuff. The house we bought has a Rainsoft Water Softener System as the well water is pretty hard.

    Not knowing anything about how this thing works, I made a phone call to the local RS distributor. That lady didnt know much and referred me to the tech support line. The tech support guy wasn't much better.

    I wound up calling the local office back and scheduling a tech to come to my house. That was much better, as I was able to talk face to face. Since this guy was a tech, he was able to answer the questions I could remember to

    The RS System is a "Whole House" system, but the tech recommended one of those Reverse Osmosis Systems for the kitchen sink. He told me that the water coming out of it would be 99.9% pure clean water. Better than bottled water. The system (I'm assuming was Rainsoft also) was a whopping $1200 installed. I figure I can buy a lot of bottled water for $1200.

    My RS System only has 1 filter that's seems to last about a month, but they come 2 to a package at Lowe's for $12-$14. Then there is the salt. The tech recommended Solar Salt from Lowe's for about $5-$7 per 40lb bag. I'm not sure of the capacity of the tank, but it is probably 12" - 14" square and 36" - 40" tall. If all is working properly it requires refill about every month and a half of I remember correctly.

    Come to find out my system wasnt working properly. It needed a flowmeter. The tech replaced it for me and got me back in business. So this is and will be a learning experience.
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    I've got well water here, just a 10 micron filter in the pump house and a 50 micron charcoal filter at the fridge to feed the ice maker and drinknig water dispenser. Ran a tee off that with a ball valve for filling the dog water dispensers. Hard water but too cheap to pay for a softener system.
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    Alright, I got the adapter that I needed to hook the RO system up to the cold water line in the kitchen and got the system up & running. A couple days ago I used my digital water tester to get a baseline test of the tap water in the kitchen done and I came out with 75 ppm tds ( parts per million of total dissolved solids) which isn't too bad considering 100 - 250 ppm is the average for City Water Supplies . After I got the RO system flushed I tested the tap water again and came up with 77 ppm , then I tested the RO water & came up with 07 ppm and it tastes clean & good , no more chlorine and no more fluoride garbage . Just for a comparison I grabbed a gallon of water that I got across the street at All About Water & I tested it and it's 03 ppm, so I'd say this little 5-stage system is working really good. As far as the filters go there are five of them, you change a couple of them every 6-8 months and the rest once a yearyear, but then again that all depends on the quality of the water that you have to start with that you're filtering as to how often you'll need to change them because every water supply and / or location is there a different .
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    If you dont mind my asking, where did you get your water test kit and how much did it cost you? Just curious because I would like to check into getting one. When they did the inspection on our house before we bought it they tested the water. Which I had to call and ask for the results. They emailed the results to me and all it said was there is no ecoli present. Which is a good thing but I want to know my waters hardness. The RS System can be calibrated to your waters hardness.

    When I called the RS people I ask the lady about testing my water. To which she told me when the Tech comes out he can test it for me, which makes sense. So, the Tech shows up and I ask about testing my water and he says I have to take a sample to a lab to have it tested. That was no help, so I decided I'll try to find an affordable kit and do just do it myself...
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    I grabbed one of those free water test kits from Home Depot, it's a gimmick as they call and want to make an appointment for a salesman to come out and try and sell you a water softener and filter setup.
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    I've been involved in these water "quality" issues since 1985, and there's a couple of things to remember to keep things simple. "Hard" water is a high pH containing lots of calcium, or whatever is in your local water supply [like limestone]...the results are good flavor [usually], and lesser sudsing of shampoo or detergents, as well as scale build-up in your pipes & water heaters. Hard water is more common. "Soft" water is lower pH, and makes for more sudsing with less shampoo or soap used. If your water source switches from high to low pH, the lower pH periods will de-scale your pipes a bit, and may leach some lead solder out of pipe connections.
    You should expect some 8 - 12 years out of your water heater in most cases - unless you have really "hard" or "soft" water.
    Flouride, in the amounts added at most water treatment plants, is relatively harmless compared to the good it may do, but studies I know of show it may affect brain chemistry enough to make people more compliant, or more prone to dementia. I don't have a strong opinion on that subject.
    Residual disinfection levels and E.coli tests are to me the strongest indicator of water quality. Most of us are drinking someone else's' sewage, so this is the most relevant water quality test.
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    I'm glad I wasn't the only one that snookered on that:D They wouldn't give the test results unless a sale rep came out. Told them to shove it up their @ss.

    So I'm betting that nothing was tested.
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    Our well water is very good on all counts EXCEPT for the high tannin content. The water looks like a very pale yellow green when put into a pure white bowl, and it stains all white clothing and all water fixtures. I'd still rather drink that than "city" water, though.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Did you get settled in your new place? And is this the well water you are talking about at the new place?
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    Heya CB :) . Sorry I've been a little sidetracked the last couple of days. The digital water tester that I bought was less than $20 from Amazon but it measures parts per million of total dissolved solids in water , it doesn't measure the pH level and stuff of the water. What I would recommend are some of these quick dip 5 in 1 Aquarium test strips that are available at pretty much any pet store like Petco or PetSmart or something like that. They're just test strips with five different test pads on them that change color depending on what each pad is testing for. All you do is dip one in a sample of the water you want to test for a couple seconds then pull it out and wait for 20 seconds or so and then compare the test strip against the color-coded graph on the bottle and you'll find out pretty much everything you need to know about your water because each one is color coded and they're really easy to use.

    20180520_192031.jpg 20180520_192126.jpg 20180520_192210.jpg
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    It's all good, we all get busy. I knew you would answer back. I will check into those. I really would like to check the hardness and Ph. Just to know where I am at.

    I really want to test the kitchen water. I know this sounds crazy, but I would almost bet that my kitchen water comes straight from the well and doesnt go through the RS System.

    The kitchen sink always has hard water scale on the sink. You can remove it with a scotch brite pad and it comes right back. And the dishwasher doesnt was well at all, and leaves the same white hard water scale on the dishes.

    Obviously since I am not the original owner I wasnt there when the house was built so I have no idea how it was plumbed. It just seems like the kitchen is straight from the well. I may end up trying one of the RO Systems like you have for my kitchen, but I think I'll look for a system a little cheaper than the $1200 RS offers...
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