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    My computer went south and had to hard drive and charger replaced. Coming back on line, I find threads have been shortened. Was saving a thread where someone told me where I could find tin to buy for my bullet molds for rifle bullets. I'm starting a new chapter in rifle bullets, just ordered a mold for 7.62X39, have over 200 lbs of lead processed in 2 lb ingets. Jim Kim, you still here?
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    Was this a thread, you were subscribed too?
    If so go to the User CP, and click on subscribed threads.
    And search for it there.

    I know they still work, as i just did it.

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    why not use silver solder? It has tin in it
  4. Yep. I'd google lead free solder and go from there. I'd also check these guys out. Alloy & Metal - Bullet Casting - The Cast Bullet Association Inc. Forum
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    rotometals has free shipping on orders over 100.00
    they also have enrichment metal thats 30% antimonial content if needed.
    good people and sponsors of cast boolits.
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    10-4er. Thanks guys.