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    Wanting to finish my aluminum AR and my steel 1911 in the same green wilson type finish. Any one have any ideas on how to accomplish this? I know spingfield first parkerises thier green pistols but Idon't know if you can parkerise aluminum (actually I dont think you can but just looking for suggestions).
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    Here's a site to check out (from a "way back" posting on the old G&G) as to how somebody did a home anodized finish job on an aluminum AR15 reciever. You could do it in whatever color you wanted, I think.
    Can't help with the .45, though.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Anodizing andd Green Parkerizing

    Stimpy got his anodizing info off the WECSOG discussion group. If you go back into the archives, you can find out more about anodizing.

    For US WWII green park on your 1911, go to the Shooters Solutions website. They have a product that replicates it pretty well, from all acoounts.
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    You may want to check out a finish called Xylan. It is very tough, slick, comes in many colors, and works with many alloys. It is not DIY, though.
  5. If you want a professional job send it off to have it done. There are companies who can do a good parkerizing job on aluminum.
    Or if you wish there are products you can buy yourself in a spray can that work pretty good. Sorry I don't have any more info. Try the Shotgun News.
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