Finnish Lady Still Hot @ 112 Years Old

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by ChaZam, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. ChaZam

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    Got a Finn Fri. evening when the UPS truck came down my street. It is an antique from Pat Burns @ Looks good and increases my need for a range day.PS: Was going to post pics, but can't get the link down below that says "attach files" to work. Anybody else having problems with that????
  2. Iron_Colonel

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    Congrats! I've got a VKT M39 that's got a 1897 Tula receiver. It's sure a good shooter. You will be happy with yours!

  3. ChaZam

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    This one is a Sako on a 1898 Tula receiver.
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  4. frenchy

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    Congrats on a classic case of Finnitis ChaZam! Is she a M39?
  5. ChaZam

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    Yes Dale it is a M39.

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  6. frenchy

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    Looks great! metal looks 100%, can't recall seeing that round dimple on the top flat of the reciever before. Looking foward to a range report buddy!
  7. roverboy

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    Chazam, she looks good man. Like Frenchy said tell us how she shoots.
  8. ChaZam

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    I'm hoping that me and one of my sons get a range day on Wednesday. Got some eye problems that I have to see a Retinologist for on Tuesday. The outcome of that might overide the range day.
  9. .22guy

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    Very nice, I need to get one of these Finns one of these days.
  10. mike63

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    ChaZam that m39 is a beauty. Sure wish I had gotten a Finn. years ago when they were allot cheaper. Course I wish I'd gotten lots of things years ago when they were cheaper.:disappointed:
    Hope everything goes ok at the Retinologist.
  11. ChaZam

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    Well, didn't get the treatment for the Wet AMD at the retinologist due to a mild infection in the affected eye, and today the rain continues with some flash flooding occurring so the range day is out. DRATS:tragedy:

    PS: On the condition of this Finn, it is really in pretty good shape. It does have light pitting on the receiver, but this is not unexpected on an action that was made over a century ago and was scavenged on a frozen battle field in all likelyhood. The reblueing is pretty decent. The rifling in the barrel is very crisp yet although the arsenal tag that came with it has the notation 'syopaste 4' which indicates the bore erosion was at the level that the Finns reject them. It is in far superior condition to many Mausers, Garands, Enfields, Arisakas, etc that I have owned or encountered that are still good shooters. I expect this one to shoot good.

    The wood is in excellent shape with a few plugs and the spliced fore end and butt common to the frugal Finnish remanufacturing techniques. The dark finish on the stock had a very tacky undried feel to it so I am going to strip it and leach the cosmoline out of it and probably just refinish it with BLO. It is going to be a shooter, not a collector. Besides when I die my kids will probably just sell it to buy beer and cigarettes. LOL
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  12. ChaZam

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    A Little Range Time

    Sunday afternoon my youngest daughter and I took the Finn, the 1938 Tula 91/30, and my daughters M44 to the range. It was pretty crowded on all the 100 yd. lanes so we set up a target @ 25 yds. so we could easily determine POA vs. POI and set up 3 silhouette targets on a 200 yd. lane. I painted a red "+" on the head, navel and groin area of the targets about 6" X 6".After 2 shots @25 yds. from the Finn and 2 from the 91/30 it was evident they both were centered at that range but high so we proceeded to lob rounds down range. After 3 hours where the 3 red "+" signs had been on each target we had volley ball size groups on the targets. The Finn groups were centered about 3" high and about 2"left at that range. The 91/30 centered its groups about 1 1/2" to 2" to the right and 1"to 2" high. My daughters M44 is almost perfectly dead centered at that range.

    We were shooting some of the 1984 copper washed light ball with 188 headstamp (Russian I Think). Most of this was seated at a bench shooting off of our elbows, and a few rounds prone and also standing. I was favorably impressed with the basic combat or field type accuracy potential of my most recent acquisitions. My daughters' M44 I already knew its capabilities and hers also. She was shooting better groups right handed and left handed with her M44 than this guy next to her with his Bushmaster carbine with a Bushnell Holosight. He got embarrassed and left early LOL
  13. Sounds like some very good shooters you have. Congrats.