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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by TPK25, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. TPK25

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    I have an M/27 Finnish rifle and I am in need of a few parts. I am looking for the popcicle looking metal strips by the front of the muzzle, a cleaning rod, upper wooden hand guard and the metal band and screw that goes around the top and bottom hand guards and fastens with a screw. The barrel has a date of 1928. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...Tom
  2. killsnapz

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    Thats a pretty tall order there. I do not know of any supliers off hand that would have something like that. Mabye you will get lucky and someone here might have something for you. I know a couple of the other members here have M27's.


  3. jmeck

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    I have an M27 that was missing some of the same parts you mentioned. I have made my own front handguard band. Mine does not use the popsicle stick style front barrel band. Sorry but your not very likely to find many of the parts you have mentioned, at least not here in America. I searched everywhere and sent several emails to people who were supposed to have these kinds of parts- no luck. You need another parts gun or use other Finnish parts that can be adapted to work. I'm still making a few parts for mine to get it functional and somewhat original looking. Good luck with your searching.
  4. No Man

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    Watch ebay, there some sellers from Finland that frequently sell Mosin parts.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    Google Reich Outfitters. He carries all kinds of stuff. Just know that he runs his business out of his garage, and only works weekends. As a bonus, all his parts prices include S&H.