Finnish meat pies (Liha Piirakka) family recipe

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  1. Title: Uncle Ilpo'S Finnish Meat pie "Lihapiirakka"

    Finnish Meat Pie.Rice and Mince filled pastry

    2 Litres of good cooking oil to fry the pies
    750g White rice
    500g Mince meat
    5 cups of flour plain
    4 1/2 cups of milk whole milk
    2 sachets of dry yeast
    3 eggs
    2 med size onions
    1 cup of sugar
    1 dessert sp of salt to suit taste in the mince
    Black pepper to suit taste in the mince

    Day one

    Boil rice and rinse and dry
    Cut 2 onions in small as u can
    Mix onions with mince add salt and pepper to suit taste
    Fry mince in a nonstick pan if possible.
    let it cool down and then mix with cooked rice approx. 50/50.

    Making the pastry.
    1. Heat milk to room temp about 23c
    2. Add 2 sachets of yeast to milk (if milk is too hot it will kill the yeast)
    3. Break 3 eggs in small dish and add 1 cup of sugar and salt to suit the taste.
    4. Mix eggs and milk together.
    5. Add flour and keep mixing it with spoon until solid then keep adding flour and work the dough with your hands until even mix is achieved,dough should not stick to your hands when you finished.
    6. Place dough in warm place for about 1hr and let it rise twice the size.
    Making the Pie's
    Knee the dough on the board and cut it to smaller pieces say 1/2 and 1/2 again.
    And use flour on the board stop it from sticking,then roll the dough with arolling pin or tall beer bottle in to 4mm thick pastry slabs and cut out shapes with a sharp edge tupperware dish about 15cm in dia, once you have cut some out, you can start filling the pastry with the mince/rice mix on one half of the circle only,about 1 1/2 dessert spoonfulls each, then fold the pastry over, and press tightly together, by this time you can also put the cooking oil in a deep pot or deep fryer,and heat the oil to about 180-190 C.IF TOO HOT OIL WILL BURN.
    Then you can just deep fry the pies like you would fry doughnuts,approx 2-4 minutes each side or until golden brown, then place some paper on a tray and let the excess oil drain out.
    By now you feel like eating some but you can't, because you still have about other 30 to make cheers Ilpo

    Number Of Servings:35 Pies

    Preparation Time:Good 2 Hours in all
  2. Sounds like a Finnish version of what's known as empanadas in Spanish, Murph. Sounds good, too. Here's a site with a good Argentine recipe:

    How to Make Empanadas - wikiHow

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    I've made sheppard pie but not quite like this, thanks for sharing!
  5. Hey Murph' let me know how the pie party at Davos' goes. Thanks for the recipe.
  6. I beleive I could eat 6 or 7 of those pies right now. Sounds like some good eats !
    Thank you Murphy