fireball from the m44

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hipshooter, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. hipshooter

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    is this"fireball" normall with all m44's ? why ,barrel length,ammo or what? dose some ammo show it better than others?:D
  2. holyokster

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    The fireball is normal for the short barrel M-44, nothing to worry about except grass fires. The reason for the fireball is because of the short barrel. 7.62X54R ammunition has slow burning powder designed for the longer barreled 91/30 and 91. The flame you see is powder still being burned down the barrel. This is common to all surplus ammo for the Mosin-Nagant when using the M-44. The only way to eliminate is to handload using faster burning powders.

  3. Doglips

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    Yep it is normal as is the Loud muzzle blast....The longer Mosans like the 1891, 91/30 ect dont have the fireball, blast or recoil of the M44. If you want to "play" with others at the range, I put my Kids 22 bolt rifle on the shooting table/bench shoot the M44 and then quickly pick up the 22 rifle and say "WOW that new CCI ammo is great".... works realy great at dusk.
  4. Cranky-Kraut

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    Ahhh, the glory of the M44!

    Dont ya just love it? It would be great as an anti-aircraft gun but the flames makes it too easy to see from the air.

    I suppose they could also have mounted them on the decks of ships to rid the sea of pesky U-Boats.

    You are correct. It is the combination of barrel length and ammo. Isnt it great?!
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    the more im around the m44 the more i like gonna try to kick some butt at the next military rattle battle in the bolt gun class.we shoot out to 400 yds,any suggestion on any ammo, dont have much time or resources for ammo.tia oh by the way i think the fireball is pretty dang cool !!!!!
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  6. lefty o

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    one of these days im going to have too get me one of these things just so i can shoot it when its getting dark out, just to see the great fireball.
  7. Cranky-Kraut

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    Dear Hipshooter,
    Other readers of this list may disagree but I have been VERY happy with the good-old Russian, copper washed, military surplus ammo that is still available in 440 Rd tins for $38-$58. Its cheap and in my humble opinion darn good. The one thing that I would advise is stick with Russian ammo if you are going to buy surplus. I got some 7.62x54 that was made in Albania and it was HORRIBLE.
  8. Bryan Williams

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    Yes, stick with russian ammo. The Albanian is god aweful!
  9. Dennis

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    Chinese stuff has been OK also
    Hip, On the BALL O FIRE thing The grass fire problem is real
    It will happen before you know it. Really be careful friend
  10. toolman

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    anyone tried the czech silver tip yet? heard it was good but nasty. the wolf ammo shoots good,but i miss the fireball.the guys at the range are a little more relaxed since i ran out of the surplus stuff though,what a bunch of sissies!