firestorm 1911?

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    do any of you guys have any experience with them if you do are they worth $200 or are the just a load of $#:!
  2. You get what you pay for.

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    Buddy of mine bought one. $200 out the door & he was ripped off! :nod: :nod: 1st mag, the gun went full auto. He inserted mag, released slide and w/in 2 seconds, all 7 rounds were gone. POS would be and insult to POS :throwup:
  4. Don't know about the .45 but my wife bought the 9mm for about the same price.

    Thought it'd be a good compact carry for her.

    We took it to the range last week and, at 15 yards, the rounds were all over the target (and she's normally a mighty fine shooter).

    The gun dealer certainly won't take it back and I'm not one to trade a poor weapon to some sucker knowing what it is.

    Is there a politically correct way of giving my opinion of Fire Storm....mmm........NOPE!

    Don't waste your money on 'em is my suggestion...mine only.
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    SEE 7-shot groups from 1st 100 round shooting session

    No creep in trigger Like breaking glass sights INVISIBLE

    THAT will be worked on immediately!

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