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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rex in OTZ, May 19, 2008.

  1. Rex in OTZ

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    I had a old chinese air rifle "dident know or care what model for 3 years" I was given a old Chinese B1-1 air rifle that shoots amazingly well, the trigger isant much better than a Dasey Red Rider, my tow girl's and boy all shoot those two and are getting to be pretty good shots!
    i recomend a Dasey and go with steel shot, "napa store sells a drive way magnet that works pretty good to recover shot in the yard"
    we go over the yard every 3 day's and salvage the shot and wash under the faucet in screen type canning cone shaped thing works great!
    The B1-1 is crude but the Kids learn ok and are profecent!
    allot less .22 ammo is expended when we now go out!
    With goggles we play call your rock and let loose they shure get good at knowing about rookashays.
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    Reminds me of the time me and my brother had my Red Ryder bb gun in the barn and jammed a quarter into a wood beam about 20 paces away. I took the 1st shot and hit the quarter, it came back hitting me just below my eye leaving a mark.

    Yup...I almost shot my eye out.

  3. if theres one lesson to be be learned from A Christmas Story, it's wear safety glasses.;)
  4. bigbuddy21

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    no, it's not to shoot at a metal sign.
  5. Yes but if he didn't have the glasses he really would've put an eye out.
  6. Rex in OTZ

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    The dasey lever guns are sweet to learn on! we have one those nail magnets from the hardware store for running across job sites to pick up nails, it works great for those new BB's just clear them off and re-use them
    The kids are getting to be pro's at call your rock out in the drive, they can hit a jelly bean size pebble at 8'!
    They like the power and accuracy of the B1-1 but but its too slow they go for the Red Ryder when the loose dog fron the next block come's in the yard, they can now hit him 2-3 times before he's outta range. There is a leash law and ordinance to keep em chained or confined but that stops at 4:30pm & starts at 8am I just dont like dog S***ing in my yard by my front step's.