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    Well, the time has finally come for me to purchase my first (And for a while, only) handgun.

    I've narrowed it down to a few different ones. I am taking into account the best all around for range target shooting, self defense (the caliber and reliability), and SHTF. Price range is 800 tops. I've ruled out Glocks/XD because I don't like the feel or the lack of a safety. I ruled out the 92fs because I don't shoot very well with them. I Also would prefer either .40 S&W or .45ACP for the knockdown power. If you believe I have made in error in any of my "rulings" by all means educate me. I am merely making judegments off personal experience and research.

    Here are the contenders:

    Springfield 1911: - Gun Genie

    Kimber 1911: Kimber - Continuing The Legacy

    A Sig Sauer, not sure what model really, perhaps a P220, p226, or the new P250: Show Catalog Category

    Perhaps a Smith and Wesson M&P although I've heard mixed reviews on them. I would likely get in a .40 S&W

    Those are the ones floating around. If you have a suggestion you think worthy then by all means, I am fairly new to the handgun scene in terms of purchasing one...I've been shooting them for years though.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Go for a 1911. Trust me, you will love it and not regret it at all. Either of those two brands are great. Since you are looking or even considering a S&W M&P, they also have some nice good shooting and well made 1911s.

  3. twisterx44

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    Why would you reccomend the 1911 over say the P226?

    Both have famed reliability, and thousands of owners of each will vow up and down that they trust the weapon with their life.

    If i got the p226 it would be in .40 S&W, where as obviously the 1911 woulld be a .45ACP

    Which do you think is a better overall caliber for range and self defense? What brands of 1911 do you recommend that I haven't covered? Does S&W make reliable 1911's? I've heard iffy things about the M&P..
  4. .45 for defense and .40 for range, only because the .40 is slightly cheaper to shoot. They both have good stopping power but the .45 in my opinion is the better of the 2 as far as stopping power/home/personal defense. Again, the .40S&W is a little cheaper so better for the range.

    As for the Sig, I like Sigs. But, after having/getting/shooting my first 1911, is why I prefer and recommended it over the Sig. Also, I think with any Sig, you pay a few bills for the name is all. Same with Kimber. But no matter who makes the 1911, same platform. Some have their own little tweaks of course, but in the end, same platform. Not to take anything away from the the Sig or Kimber firearms though. I look at it this way. If I can buy a .45 for 595.00 and one for $1295.00, the only real difference, besides the $700 bucks will probably be the name on it? To each their own though. But in truth, if I could afford it, I'd buy a Kimber. The Sig Revolution is another good one in the 1911 platform though as well.
  5. Assuming that you have sufficient experience to handle & shoot accurately with a full bore pistol (I would never recommend one to a novice) then, being an old fart, I would recommend the best 1911 model you could afford.
    Stopping power & accuracy!

    I lament the day I had to get rid of my series 70 Colt Gold Cup!!
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    twisterx44: Sir; you are in a perfect position. Learning researching and experiencing.
    Go to you local firing range and RENT. Shoot them all, ONE will jump out and say "me-me-me".
    Without question; irregardless of desire; one will ?fit? and ?feel? better than all the rest.
    Many have written about the "Kimbers" "Springfields". Much is said; about improving them after purchase!? Much is said about the "shops" that upgrade.
    Having several makes and models of others; making what I would consider a fair assessment purchase, these types don't fit. Some of the 1911 hype goes back to a different time.
    Sig makes the best of the three. Sig's "service" [pocket and repair] are outstanding.

    Knock down POWER: Sir; get a 57 chevy grocery getter. Nothing like knocking down something with one of those be-hemoths.

    Between the .45-.40? both cost about the same to shoot, both are about the same size, both are adequate in design function. Will one bullet out preform the other? Both will develop wound channel sufficiently enough if you do your part.
    Consistent practice habits, familiarity, and practice hitting your intended target will result in the ?better? weapon.
  7. if you get a .45, the price of ammo will be about the same as the .40

    id say just get the .45 for the erta stopping power, plus 1911's are where its at, or so im told
  8. twisterx44

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    Unfortunately, there is really only one rental range for handguns in my city, and they NEVER have 1911's. They've got berettas, glocks, sometimes a sig, sometimes a USP, and sometimes some CZ's. Looks like generally, the 1911 is the reccomended one.

    Wunhunglo, I'm no pistol EXPERT, I just know how to shoot. I can handle a .45 if that was what was in question.

    Neophyte, you said
    Did you mean they make the best 1911s?
  9. oldjarhead

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    1911...Hands Down!
    You can't go wrong with a proven 90+ year design and the stopping power of the .45acp.
    The 1911 is the most copied handgun in the world and has been for well over 50 years...that alone has to say something about it.
    Plastic guns suck!
  10. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    Do you have a particular company to recommend?
  11. I'd pick either the Springfield or Kimber 1911. If I had only one, that's what it would be.
  12. If you're only going to own one gun, it should be a 1911.
  13. oldjarhead

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    I have a Colt (I've had it since 1968) so I'm partial to Colt. They are pretty spendy though.
    Springfield seems to have a very good reputation.
    Kimber...I have heartburn with the price they want.
    Taurus recently came out with a new some good, some not so good.

    Taurus USA
    Para USA High-Quality Handguns
    Rock Island 45
    Auto Ordinance

    Here's some sites...check'em out. Let us know what you get regardless of make and model.

    Don't rule out good used 1911's; but don't necessarily believe what a dealer may tell you either...
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  14. neophyte

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    twisterx44: Sir; Sig makes good to better than good.
    It's a shame that other models aren't available to you; for experience.

    My hesitancy; "buyingapiginapokesack" I want to ?feel? sniff, taste before money is laid down.
    Comparing the 1911's to the Sig isn't a fair assessment.

    Years ago Kimber was "King" in the after market fixer uppers. He did build a much better than any stock on the market. Well maybe a couple others were equal or ?better?
    Before he decided to mass produce.

    Now by accounts that I read; account by a trusted "kimber" shooter, 'seems' it aint what it once was. My trusted Kimber shooter; He got rid of his.

    My personal feelings? My researching for myself? My understanding what I want and need?

    Played a big part in 'caliber, and manufacture. Fit and Feel equally, history of said firearm, and then the biggie; WANT

    You are welcome here; and shoot anything you want anytime:)
  15. twisterx44

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    Will do. I've got some weird thing against Taurus and Para, I've just never really liked them. I'll check all those out though. thanks.

    Ha, neophyte, I live accross the country from you. Sad.
  16. Maybe I should have said sufficiently competent or profficient? Your heading is "First & Only Handgun", all I am saying is I would not recommend a full bore pistol as a "First Handgun" to anyone unless they have sufficient experience and were reasonably competent with one. Just like I would not recommend a Honda Fireblade or Kawasaki ZX-10 Ninja as a First Motor-cycle to anyone.

    Other than that I will reiterate what I would do and that is buy the best 1911 I could get for my budget and that would probably be a good used model.
  17. oldjarhead

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    Para-Ord was pretty good but I don't know if Kahr has made any changes in materials after the buy out.

    SigSauer is ok, in my opinion, but have an awkward feel to them.

    Really, I think I'd seriously look for an older Colt but, what the hey? Look around and find the one that feels good to you.
  18. twisterx44

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    I'm leanin towards that springfield armory one. I've heard nothing but good things about SA...can anyone tell me otherwise?
  19. oldjarhead

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    Good choice, sorry I didn't include them but I didn't have a link. page.htm

    I hope the above link opens for you. It has just about every manufacturer listed. Click on firearms.
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    1911, Rock Island, nice pistol. About half of what you have to spend. Then you will still have money to look at the 2nd one.