First bobbitted, now buttocked

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    I just can't find the words guys, you'll have to read this one.

    First bobbitted, now buttocked
    Birmingham, Alabama
    June 14 2002

    A woman enraged at her boyfriend has attacked him with a knife and cut off nearly all of his buttocks, leaving him near death on a dark, rural road in America's deep south.

    The injuries were so severe investigators in Alabama initially believed the victim was sexually tortured and dragged behind a car in a possible hate crime, a prosecutor said today.

    ``This ain't right,'' Kimberly King, 26, of Aliceville, told a TV news crew as she was arrested and jailed without bail.

    Her boyfriend, Rodney Outlaw, 25, has not fully described what happened to police.

    But they said they believed King acted alone. She was arrested yesterday and charged with attempted murder.

    ``The gruesome nature of the injuries is almost mind-boggling,'' said District Attorney Chris McCool.

    ``With the trauma of the attack, how do you talk about that?''

    King did not yet have a lawyer today.

    King and her boyfriend had been at a bar in Mississippi late on Saturday or early on Sunday, McCool said. They left separately after an argument.

    Police said she pulled up behind Outlaw's vehicle on an isolated highway near Aliceville, Alabama, and began stabbing him with a large knife.

    When he fell, ``she got down on him and just started cutting,'' McCool said.

    Outlaw regained consciousness some time later.

    He drove about 15 kilometres to the nearest home and today was still in hospital.

    Aliceville is about 130 kilometres south-west of Birmingham, Alabama.

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    First Half-cocked and now half "assed"...starting to sound like the Clinton goverment. heheheheeh


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    Their gonna start hacking at both ends now,huh?
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    More than enough

    Just saw the movie "Enough", staring Jennifer Lopez. This case is similar but a little more than enough.