First day at the range with my new rifle...

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  1. I FINALLY made it to the range today for the first time with my new 91/30, and I must say that I know how people can get addicted to these rifles! There were some guys next to me shooting a smaller caliber rifle (I'm just guessing by the sound, but it must have been a .223 or something like that) and after I fired the first round from my Nagant they wheeled about and said "Hey, what are you shooting?!" and I kept hearing them say "That thing has a definite *crack* to it!" and "I bet that rifle has a kick to it!". It was worth buying the gun just to hear them say that. Haha!
    I didn't get as good of groups as I had hoped to at 125yds, but my sights were off so it wasn't ENTIRELY my fault. What was in the corner of the target was pretty consistant. I need to get a new sight post for it...
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    Glad you had a good day at the range. If it is grouping to the left or right you probably need to adjust the front sight windage with a brass punch and a hammer.

    Here is a link that tells how to adjust the elevation and windage.
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    Or maybe the sights were set for using it with the bayonet attached.
  4. patton_jmh, You get that gun sighted in and you're going to love it. .
    I just acquired a Finnish capture 91/30 a few weeks ago. When I bought it I was really in the market for the m-44 carbine. I fell for the m-44 when a couple of family members came over to shoot and one of them brought their carbine. Man that thing was a shoulder bruiser with it's metal buttplate but I know to tuck it tight. Both of my relatives were sporting bruises afterward. I got a chukle out of them. That thing breathes fire with the shorter barrel. I'm talking big muzzle flash. So as I'm looking for a m-44 I find the 91/30 and traded a little .45 ammo for it. I love how cheap those guns are. I trusted the guy I traded with and didn't even take it out of it's gun sock to look at it. I asked if it shoots and he tells me it functions fine. I take it home get it out and it is beautiful. I take it out back shoot it and it turns out to be a sweet shooter. I looked up all the barrel stamps and the gun is full of history what with it being captured from the Russians in the Winter War and the Finns completely rebuilding it. And yes it does have the accuracy mark. I'm going to take it deer hunting this year a couple times. I usually carry my .270 but I'm looking forward to something different. I predict it will have great knockdown power.:fart:
    BTW I am still getting the m-44 just for kicks. And I mean that literally.
    ChaZam, thank's for the link. Very informative website.
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    I love it when you let a few rounds loose with a Mosin and someone else shoots a .223. Its like their gun is saying "Look i can go bang too watch watch....... pop" it reminds me of a little kid trying to act grown up. I just have to grin when I see it.
  6. You might as well go ahead and get yourself an M44. Not only does it make a bigger boom, it also shoots fire about 4 feet out the nose.
    That really gets people to talking.