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First Garand When/how Much

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MINE WAS $20 IN 1953
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My first real one was about 4 years ago, $739 at a gunshow. I had just won $640 on a lotto scratch ticket so I didnt care!! SA 772,xxx.
My Very First (that I wish I had today) was the Marx cap-powered M1, about 35 years ago...we fought the battles of Europe in my room, the enemy was armed with the Man From U.N.C.L.E. gun.:assult:
Mine's a Springfield with the finest stock I've ever seen. Got it for $525 on consignment a little over a month ago.
1992 a mint DCM from the owner $350. an SA in the 5mil range
Late 80's DCM @ $165. The rifle only cost @ 95, the rest was storage, testing and admin fees.
CMP - 1999. $400. Just what I wanted - a pre-war receiver (335XXX) and a 3-49 SA barrel - 4 months before I was born!
Gunstore import, $600 with worn out 51 SA barrell. Serial #237xxx. With a technical redo and a new GI spec barell, I shoot my first Garand match next month. I was lucky to meet a helluva gunsmith that did it for me real fair, Hook Boutin. As soon as I get my results in the mail from my first 100 yard match, I'm thinking about ordering ordering a CMP '03 and another Garand. I went to the gun store/range just to shoot my .38. I think I have a disease now, I've even bought a M-1 Carbine. JackT
Always wanted one since 1965 at age 10, only $89 then. That was a weeks wage then. Father passed away three years ago, he thaught me safety and how to shoot the Winchester 94 .22 short pump action Galary Rifle. With inherited (not much) money from EE bonds, bought good looking one at show for $425. 7 milion serial number. Had to have it rebarreled, the '43 NM barrel was Krap. I got my eyes poked real bad that day. Probalbly paid $100 too much. Thanks to ya'll on this forum, I've learned a lot. Much appreciated.
got mine 'bout 2 years ago. paid 625. a feb 42 springfield rec. nm barrel, beutiful stock/glass bedded, nm sights. great shooter easily capable of shooting better than i can.
I bought my first one in January of last year at a gun show, a late Springfield, and two months later I got one from CMP and it's also a late Springfield. I've had a good time shooting these.
The one from the gun show was $750 and the CMP one $520. I forgot that on the first reply.
Last year from a sporting goods store, a Breda for $177.
Got my first garand in 1988 right after I got out of the army. A Springfeild in the low 4 million range, payed alittle over three hundred with tax with a hundred rounds of PMC ammo and eight clips. Still have the rifile and a couple of the empty ammo boxes.
This year, $870.00, Springfield reciever with a brand new .308 Springfield Armory Barrel, new furniture also. Got it from .
Gunshow 1983, $290. SA 496xxx. Don't know why I got it, just had to have it. I haven't really messed with it since I got my M1A in 89. But my Garand did drop a very nice 7-point. Good Shooting! Eric
Bought my first M1 from a gentleman in Colorado over the internet in December, 2000. $495 included shipping. 3,249,xxx Springfield with a SA 12/50 barrel. I shot it in our club John C. Garand matches all last year and three matches so far this year. Don't think I'm going to part with this one any time soon.
My first was an HRA import at a gunshow for $400. '2000.
Received another HRA and a SA from the CMP last year for $520. each.
A month ago found a nice C.A.I. walking around a gunshow...I paid $250. It has a VAR barrel and is a great shooter.
Just ordered a Dane w/var from CMP for $445. and I am thinking about driving to Port Clinton and pick something up at the CMP store. I am out of control!:p :p
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