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First M1 arrived today

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by George, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. George

    George G&G Newbie

    Hi everyone. I just received my first M1 today from CMP! I mailed the order 3/8 and it came 4/4. I'm impressed with the speed of delivery in view of the fact that the CMP has been overwhelmed from orders for 1903's. I got a Springfield SN#2,73X,XXX. Looks like a March/April 1944 receiver. The rifle is in GREAT shape. Wood has minor dings. Top wood and foward wood hand guard is a lighter colored wood vs the rest of the stock. The letter "P" is stamped on the underside of the pistol grip area. The receiver looks new-very little visible wear that I can see. Is it possible to get a rifle that has barely been used after being rebuilt? Anyway...Im very happy with the quality of this Service Grade rifle. I will have to disassemble soon to see what is inside.....
  2. Congatulations on your M1! The "P" on the pistol grip is fr proof testing. Let us know how it shoots after you've tried it. It probably is quite possible for a rifle to be rebuilt and then not used. A lot of them were rebuilt in the mid 60's when the rifle was being phased out by the M14 and M16.:assult:

  3. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Be sure and check the headspace , with a no-go guage & the bolt stripped . Check the receiver bridge & fireing pin retraction .

    Normally all ia well with a CMP rifle .

    Then give it a bood bath in solvent , grease all parts subject to high speed friction , except the gas cylinder and gas piston . Gun oil on the rest of the metal . Boiled linseed oil on the wood ( let dry about a week , inbetween coats of BLO ) .

    Id the gas cylinder is loose on the barrel & wobbles , email me & I will forward info on tightening it up .

    God Bless