First M95 8X56R Reloads

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by gandog56, May 16, 2008.

  1. gandog56

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    I used Prvi Partizan brass and Hornady 205 gr. PSP's sized .329" obtained from Graf And Sons. Made 15 with 43 grains of H4895, 15 with 44 grains, and 15 with 45 grains. Now I just await a trip to the range.

    My shoulder already hurts just thinking about it.:09:
  2. gandog56

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    And of course it is raining tomorrow, and raining Monday. And the range doesn't open again after that until Friday. I swear, the man upstairs knows when I want to go shooting!:sad2:
    So I decided to make a few more test rounds with a different powder. Had some Accurate 4350 laying around so I made 15 rounds apiece using 41, 42, and 43 grains. Found out I got two bakers dozens from Graf And Sons. Ended up with 101 cases...AND 101 bullets. Weird, but I counted out the loaded rounds and I got 90 made, and 11 of both cases and bullets left. I can see one slip, but two?
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  3. gandog56

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    Looks like they were all pretty accurate. So I guess I'm going to go with the 41 grains of 4350 as the most economical load.
    Probably as good as I am going to get using iron sights.
    Golly, what a bruise I have on my shoulder this morning. Never again will I do 100 rounds of 8X56R. Glad I'm through with load development.
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    Try a "Shooter'sFriend" recoil pad from Cabella's

    It's almost as good as the smell of burned gunpowder.

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    Iron Sights

    gandog56: Sir; iron sights at 100yds:09: Looks good to me:)
    Move it up about 95yds and I'd be good to go:09:
  6. gandog56

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    Did I say 100 yards? My tired old eyes refuse to focus on the bullseye that far. These were at 50 yards. I need a scope for further than that, and I don't know anybody that makes mounts for this rifle.

    Still, I don't consider them bad for fifty yards, either. It would put down any critter in that range. And a 205 grain 8mm bullet will take out anything in this hemisphere.
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