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Discussion in 'AR15' started by SuckLead, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. SuckLead

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    I took my AR out to the range today for a little fun time and trying out all the new stuff I put on it. I have never had an issue with the AR jamming or anything at all. Had a good day today, tore up a target pretty good. However...

    I normally only take about 200 rounds with me to the range to shoot. I decided to bring an extra 100 today and put 300 rounds down range. It was at round 201 that there was an issue.

    I put the mag in and the round wouldn't chamber. So I removed the mag, kicked out the round and put the mag back in. It was fine. Until the next mag. I put it in, the round partly chambered and I pushed it the rest of the way in with the forward assist. From this point on, with every mag, I had to put the first round in with the forward assist. It got through 200 rounds without this issue, but that 201st round did it in. And didn't matter if I used the release or the charging handle to get it started, I still needed to use the forward assist. And this is the first time I've ever actually had to use that.

    As for the gun itself, it was very clean going in. It gets cleaned as soon as we get back from the range every single time, and once a month when not in use. The changes I made to the gun were purely cosmetic and nothing was changed about the actual functionality of the gun. Stag Model 2. PMC FMJ 55gr. ammo, all 300 rounds. I assume it just got an attitude from being dirty, but after only 200 rounds? Any ideas?
  2. Sounds like a buildup issue..I know it well..but then again..I have been wrong before..

  3. gunadvocate

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    If the mags were filled to the top, sometimes the tension is too great for the bolt to push it forward. Were you using different mags for the last 100 rounds or were they the same mags used in the first 200? If they were different mags then they could need to be broken in (or maybe just put 28 or 29 in them)... if not I would say it was just a build up from the previous 200 shots and maybe put a little extra lubricant in the gun next time... we all know they like to run wet.
  4. Tha Dave

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    How many rounds were in the mag? I suggest loading 5 rounds less than what the max that the mag can hold and seeing what happens.
  5. SuckLead

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    I used the same mags. I've got five mags I run through it every time I go to the range, same five, they don't even come out of the rifle case. I keep the rest in reserve.

    What kind of lubricant would you all suggest? I usually use CLP and add a little Tetra lubricant in there for good measure. It stinks like end of the world when I shoot and burns my nose, so I'm always up for suggestions.
  6. just out of curiousity, what kind of AR is it. i dont know if it's right but i've always put 28 rounds per mag. never had any problems. i wouldn't be too worried about it as long as it's cycling. at least you know the problem isn't TOO big of a deal
  7. PAPA G

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    what brand mags, i am thinking new springs are in order.
  8. SuckLead

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    It's a Stag Model 2. And I'll be honest, I know 3 of the mags are Bushmaster mags, but the other two I have no idea. The only real difference between the mags, though, is four of them are gray and one is black. They all appear to have the same followers and all.
  9. Sprout47

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    I think you just had some fouling going on - it worked fine, that is what the forward assist is there for ;)
  10. Darkfront

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    How many rounds approximately through the rifle? If we're looking at a fully loaded USGI mag with 30 rounds, as long as it's fully seated, it shouldn't have any FTF issues. Possibly if the mag spring tension is high combined with a worn buffer tube spring.

    As everyone else said, down load the mags by 2 so there's only 28. Or try using a different brand of mag like a Magpul or Lancer. Those seat and feed well with 30 rounds.
  11. Tha Dave

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    The Black follower doesn't have anti-tilt arms made onto it. which can lead to alot of jamming issues, but if all the mags are doing it the first 2 things I would do is 1 clean the weapon, chamber brushes work very well for cleaning the inside of the BCG and allowing the CLP to soak in over night will make it alot easier to remove the caked on carbon also don't load more than 25-28 rounds into a mag.
  12. I agree with some of the guys about only loading 28 in the mag and see if it takes care of the problem for you.
  13. SuckLead

    SuckLead G&G Newbie

    Including what I shot today, 900 rounds exactly.
  14. ChaZam

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    SuckLead, I suspect that on a rifle that new that it was possibly needing a little extra cleaning and lubrication at that point. On my ARs on a long shooting session I'll pop out the BCG and charging handle, quickly spray them down with Brake Parts Cleaner, and relube them with Mil-Tech or Remoil, etc. Especially the gas rings and extractor, the lugs on the bolt, and the barrel extension. I'll also spray the chamber and bore with the Brake Parts Cleaner and quickly run a patch or two thru the bore, and continue shooting. With just 900 rds. thru your rifle it is still experiencing some of that initial break-in wear so a little cleaning and lubing might help the process. Some brands just need a little more cleaning and lubrication especially in the break-in process.

    If these issue persist after a reasonable time I would suspect a problem with your magazines. I have six magazines made by C-Products that have a bright orange anti-tilt follower that seem like the are going to be very dependable. I've had no issues after about 5,000 rds. in three different ARs
  15. don5544

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    I had a problem with a Bushmaster when it was new did not want to chamber the first round out of a mag until it was broken in. When the rifle cycled it did great just not chambering from an open bolt. It does great now.

    Clean the chamber and your good to go.

    When I shot Russian ammo I have to clean more often.