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These TWO (2) files show us how the production of the M1 Garand is coming along. You must remember that the M1 Garand was made "Standard for issue" on Jan. 9, 1936. The only M1 Garands around were the 80 Toolroom Models. So these files do give us some great info. I hope you find these of interest if you are looking for early production of the M1 Garand.

I am PLAYING a .WAV GAME somewhere on one of my sites you will find a Speaker type HORN. That HORN is the .WAV file I use to open BOTH of my sites with. If you find it you can then make a copy of it on your system.
Some data has been posted before others have not.

Warning, before you go to my sites lower your volume as the opening page contains a sound file which has a loading and firing of the M1 Garand.

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Thanks again
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