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First Silhouette Match

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 6string, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. 6string

    6string G&G Newbie

    Well I'm off to my first Silhouette match. It's 6:00AM here in Western Wa. and it's raining. I'm trying to figure out witch cheep rifle I'm going to take to the match. Everybody has there favorit .22 and mine are not big $ ones. I have a NEF .22 that has a 16-1/4" barrel and a 2lb trigger with a wood stock. It shoots
    -1" groups at 100yds but it only has a 4x scope on it. My Marlin 70HC is my $50. pawn shop special with a 18" barrel and a 3x9x40 Tasco scope [no target knobs]and it shoots -1" groups at 100yds. I know these arn't the rifles that most guys shoot for silhouette but there mine and Thay didn't break the bank to buy. Well I'll just have to take them both and see what happens. I'll let you know how I do.

    Tim :wave:
  2. 6string

    6string G&G Newbie

    Well I stink, 22 out of 120

    I got there and a guy thats been doing this for a long time helped me sight in my Marlin. After about 3 shots he asked me if I wanted to shoot his rifle in the match. I asked [is my gun that bad?] He said the trigger was to hard. So the Marlin gets to be my kids new toy. I pulled out the NEF and he said it would work better eventhough it only has a 4x32 scope on it. I didn't have time to change scopes so I just shot what I had. I was so shakie from the rush of my first time and a pot of coffe that I couldn't hit anything. [forgot to say he had me start on the rams] Well it's alot harder than I thought it would be but I had a good time and learned alot.

    Shakie Tim:target:

  3. RMXMAN34

    RMXMAN34 G&G Newbie

    Hang in there 6string

    Welcome to silhouette shooting! Don't get discouraged, everyone has to start out somewhere. Hang in there and keep practicing, your hard work will reflect in you future scores. Besides, regardless of what your score is, there are alot worse things you could be doing with your time. As far as your equipment goes, it's all in what your used to. and what you expect to achieve. Someone once said " Beware of the man with one rifle, for he likely knows how to use it." If your gun is capable of doing the job, then the rest is up to you. Hang in there, and keep trying, you can do it.