First time shooting my sks

Discussion in 'SKS' started by Gruener, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Gruener

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    Well guys I finally got to shoot the thing and I tell you what, boy was it a blast. I need to adjust my iron sights though it was shooting to the left a bit, but at 50 yards it was performing pretty well. Also, I'm thinking of getting a scope and mount, I have asked this question before, but I haven't gotten the best answer. Which mount will hold the best? Which scope will perform the best at a low price. Thanks a lot guys and have a great week.
  2. Calvin

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    I would say to get one of the Leapers' mounts. They replace your receiver cover, and are really solid. As far as the scope goes, I use a compact on mine. It's a 3-9x40. I got the scope, and mount with the rings from Centerfire Systems for about $70, and that included everything. The compact scope serves 2 purposes. First, you can still load with stripper clips. Second, a full-size scope will require a shield over the bolt area to keep the brass from banging your scope to death. Go to to get their phone number. They don't have their catalog online yet. HTH

  3. Jimbo

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    I too have fired a SKS for the first time in recent weeks. I am a turn bolt guy tried and true. My brother bought me a chinese SKS. It's origin was the Bejing police force where it was brought a couple times a year for practise and then stored. It's nice shape. A huge amount of Norinco soft point fodder was also purchase.
    What a pleasent surprise to shoot. For what it costs to shoot, it's a fine little arm.
    Mine too shot a bit to the left. I wonder if this is a difference in the way the two cultures aims? No offense intended.
    I see that Brownells has set of site tools fot the SKS.
  4. Sutro

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    Used to have a Norinco & I put one of those short scopes on it with a receiver-cover mount. Worked OK, but it was no longer a light handy carbine.

    Now have a Russian and I've learned my lesson. It's remaining in stock configuration with iron sights.
  5. Dennis

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    Jimbo I would practice shooting for a while before changeing the sights. I have yet to see a issue SKS that had the sights off.
    When those guys have to qualify they got A LOT rideing on it.
    There for there is a large motivation to correctly alighn the sights to point of impact.
    Most all the times I have had someone bring me a SKS that was not shooting straight, the sights where off beacause the owner had HAD to adjust the sights.
    It is an Emotional exercise.
    I allways ask then "about where where the sights when you started " then move them back there and then fine tune from there.
    I am not saying that the sights can't be off, usually if you are missing though it's not the sights.
    Practice practice practice.