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Fishing line suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by The_Wardog, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor


    There's a school of thought that says line-shy is a myth and then there are those who have seen it in play.

    Personally, I believe highly pressured bass associate pain, disruption, confusion, etc. with human activity.

    In a heavy cover environment such as a laydown, weeds or pads, the line size is probably not that important. The line pretty much blends with the living environment the bass are in.

    In a clear water/open water scenario, the line becomes a distraction and can spook the bass.

    I never believed any of that stuff until I started fishing clear water reservoirs. The usual 10#-12# line caught bass, but (at the suggestion of a friend), when I switched to 6# or even 4# the bites increased a lot.

    Was the lighter line causing a different lure action? Don't know. But, the strikes increased and more bass made it to the livewell.

    Bass are curious creatures and much more complicated than that tiny brain would suggest, imho. Lol!
  2. Well, I worked pet retail for over a decade and have had possibly thousands of fish in naturalistic aquariums since I was about 8...I was OBSESSED as a kid.

    I know most fish have memory capabilities to some degree. For a long time my mom thought my first saltwater tank was empty of fish. The coral beauty angel I had was a hider, but recognized faces. If I came over, she'd come out and beg for food. If I lefct and someone else came over, she'd go into hiding. So I can see where a bass who's had an 'alien encounter' or a few could remember and put 2 and 2 together concerning such things.

    I think in general people write-off the wonders of the natural world far too easily.

  3. As an addition, I've seen fish switch colors on lures as well, like jigs. I'd catch a bunch of crappie on a white jig, then it stops without warning, so I switch colors and use yellow, and I'm back catching fish for awhile until they stop going after that. I always kept a selection of colors of the same jig for that reason. So it makes sense to me they're able to discern things on some level.
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  4. Annnnnd I finally caught the first bass on one of my rigs tonight!

    Using the BB-XLM, 6lb mono, 3' rod and a wacky worm rig I just got at wal-mart, caught myself about a 14 inch (looked like a largemouth, with the edge of the jaw extending beyond the rear of the eye). Had a bunch of other hits, but only one catch.
  5. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Congrats! One of many future water dragons, hopefully. You have a bunch of Florida strain largemouth down there. Sounds like you stuck one of that flavor.:)

    Good ol' wacky worm... Did he hit on the fall or retrieve?
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  6. Wicked109

    Wicked109 G&G Evangelist

    My recommendation, get the braided fishing lines. Not only fantastic for fishing, if you get in a pinch you can use it as dental floss, thread to sew up things, pull teeth, make trip wires, and all sorts of other things. Good stuff and multi-purpose.
  7. He hit it on the fall. So far all hits have been the initial fall. I don't think I have the retrieve thing worked out yet lol.

    I plan to, once I get the hang of preventing bird's nests.
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  8. austinjoe13

    austinjoe13 G&G Evangelist

    Ditto on braided. When I unspool old line, it goes onto another spool for sewing my pants and shorts.
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  9. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Last night- right before falling asleep- it occurred to me that fishing is similar to reloading.

    There are many combinations of casings, bullets, powder, equipment available.

    I don't reload, but it must be a real joy to be able to dial in the perfect combinations for different applications.

    Bass fishing used to be the same for me.

    Don't know if that translates or not.
  10. Caught a smaller largemouth bass this morning before going to work. So I can finally say after over 20 years my grandpas reel caught something!
  11. Congratulations! Come heck or high water, I'm going to get out and drown worms this week. I hate to see my gear sitting in the corner collecting dust and cobwebs because I haven't been able to get out there for assorted reasons. Like school work, a stupid riding mower and just plain hurting too much.
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  12. The other day I checked my equipment in my old flambeau 7 tray hip roof tackle box...90% of it were things that could go in my rolling tool box...and it did. A small portion went in the trash, and the rest (pliers, clippers, knives) remained in after I'd rinsed it out of 6 years of dust and debris.

    It's now clean, organized and setup for maintain my tackle. my wife now has her tackle box boxall to herself, no need to share. I need to re-string her rod though, put some fresh light line on it.

    I still have my original tackle box, complete with the brass nameplate I saved for months to afford from a mail-in promo from Plano. It's in definitely used condition, but it's been used for all sorts of fun times. It was part of a combo Christmas gift from my paternal grandparents (same ones I inherited the BB-1 Speed Spool from), which included a Zebco 202 (still have the reel, the rod broke years back), lures and the box itself. I dragged that setup everywhere I went as a kid, across rural Tennessee and Texas.

    I need to get some small organizer boxes with the individual square compartments for the bottom of the flambeau tackle box. That way I can better organize my jigs, and make a smaller kit to break down when I don't want, or can't, haul the big box around.
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  13. So what the heck is this silvery looking button? It's on the handle side of my BB-1 Speed Spool, and is spring-loaded. Nothing on the interior aside from the hardware that holds the spring in place. I can't tell if it interacts with anything when pressed, and it's right near the level wind gear as it's closest potential contact point.

    Please see's the small silvery rounded spot, little bit right of the thumb-screw at the bottom/right side.$_1.JPG

    Is this an old-style oil access point maybe?
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  14. I spent some time last night making copper shims for the cast control knob on the reel. Came out pretty good. And I'm sourcing 'new' parts for replacements, so I can keep this rig running for years to come.

    Fishing has been rough this past week. Sun-mon last week caught 2 bass, multiple strikes but no other catches.

    Then, fished every day until last hits most days, 2 hits (sat-sun) and 1 near-catch sunday afternoon when a small (8-10") bass jumped out of the water and spit the worm out mid-jump...

    So I turned to live worms and spent the rest of the evening catching blue gill. No one else was having luck either, and one guy said it's been rough for him for 2 weeks now. Maybe the temps? Maybe the weather? Dunno.
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  15. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Florida strain are notorious for being weather and barometric pressure sensitive. You keep at it and you'll catch them hungry and active.
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  16. Well here's an update:

    After following up with an online reel repair shop (Thanks for the tip, Jaison!), I ordered and received a handful of much-needed parts.

    During the major overhaul, the only real issues I had were:

    1) Shims for the cast control setup

    2) Removing the original drag washer.

    The shims were fixed with some copper stock form hobby lobby, cut then filed and fine-sandpapered to the proper shapes, one on each side of the spool. these replaced the old ones, which were well used and almost burned through.

    The drag washer took almost an hour to remove. It required lots of x-acto knifework to cut through, and then had to be gently scraped clean and free of the main gear recessed region. I replaced it with a carbontex drag washer which was extremely close in fit, only requiring a slight rat-tail filing job on the inner opening diameter for proper fit.

    I got all the work completed in 2 intervals (so I could test each restoration seperately to see if it improved function) and today was the all-done test. The casting is smooth, adjustment knob works great.

    I will likely need to replace the level wind pawl at some point, but I have a spare reel for donor parts in case that happens. For now it works fine. I also need to measure my spare o-ring and get a few extra to set aside for future use as well.

    Now to find a fishing spot with more bass...most of the people in my area are pretty down on our pond, it's not producing many good bites these last few weeks, and everyone is noticing that now.
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  17. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Dude! You know what a level-wind is. You, brother, are gonna rock this fishing thing from here on out. Lol!

    Thanks for the updates, WD.
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  18. LOL! I have to know what it is. If I don't, how I can fix it?
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