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  1. Fitz Grips was established in 1924 with the patent of the Accuriser grip with a palm swell plate that was adjustible for right and left handed target shooters. Grips were made for Smith, Colt Ruger and High Standard weapons only. My last production was in 1975 for 500 Smiths our Govt sold to the Egyptians who demanded my ebony Gunfighter grips on them for the sale to go through. I retired in 1979 and have had a few grips in storage since then and my wife convinced me to dig them out of the barn to sell them off to assist our social security. They are available in Cherry wood and Duramite, a Nylon-Plastic blend (Very Tough) in Olympic, target, Gunfighter styles and a very realistic Stag for cowboy shooters. There are well known to your Parents and Grandparents that were competitive shooters and our slip top blood red Ammo Safe boxes from the 50's are still being used as they are a lifetime ammo box.Many sizes ald out but there may be one for your favorite weapon. fitz_grips send your email address for information and picture attachments Thanks Paul "Fitz"
  2. Fitz Pistol Grips Still Kicking

    I am selling the remainder of my personal collections of Fitz Pistol Grips, Fitz Lifetime Slip Top Ammo boxes, Original California Saeco Co Molds and Bulletcastig tools and Star Reloader and Luber parts all Mint from the Sandiego Factory and Ch Autochamp and H press Parts and accessories as I am now 71 and wish to travel while I can with my wife.

    Thanks Paul

    I have since learned that my company was established in 1919 and became well known after some of our 1920's patents
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