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  1. Sandy Pockets

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    I have a quick fix it question. The other day I noticed that the conduit by the air conditioner had cracked right next to the house making it impossible to use tape as a fix it. I don't want water getting into the conduit and wrecking the electrical wiring.

    Can I use spray foam and fill up the conduit? But, is it water proof enough or could it possibly create a problem down the line should the wiring need replacing? Or, can I goop it up with mastic?

    What should I use to fix the problem?
  2. Earl Easter

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    They make a plastic spray that if you could mask off the brick and spray that on that should do the trick..I don't like the foam cause you never can control the stuff good enough.
    I would check to see if they make a clear spray plastic spray..........

  3. PAPA G

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    is the conduit metal or pvc??? big crack or small.

    if its pvc, you could get some pvc glue and slop it on let dry, add more coats.
  4. Sandy Pockets

    Sandy Pockets G&G Enthusiast

    it is the flexible metal type. And the crack is about half the diameter of the pipe.
  5. PAPA G

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    don't know about enough about them. sorry:dunno:
  6. White Rook

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    You could use a silicone caulk to seal it up. It stays flexible and it's rather inexpensive for a small tube...
  7. Archetype_wyo

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    I suggest the brand Lexel. That stuff is supreme!
  8. TheLastMountain

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    Kill the power, disconnect wiring, replace conduit. Its not that expensive. Lowe's or Home Depot carry it.
  9. Mooseman684

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    Clear Silicone it...It is not a moving part so it will seal up just fine...
  10. lefty o

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    this is the correct answer! electrical components exposed to the elements is the one place where duct it and ???? it is absolutely not cool.
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  11. waterdog

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    You shouldn'y have flexable meatal conduit outside, if it's inside tape will work if it's not to old the insulation will have a waterproof rating ie; TW, THWN, XHWN, THW, ect. is it going to your a/c compressor?
  12. PAPA G

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    if you do need to replace the conduit, get an electricians fish. if the replacement conduit, whatever type it is the fish will make it easier to get the wire through the conduit.
  13. jmp8927

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    Temporary fix would be some silicone caulk. I like ProFlex a lot. However, it is a temporary fix. You need to have it replaced when you can afford to do it.
  14. My Trane central A/C has that kind of flexable gray colored metal tube going to it from it's own breaker box to the unit outside. The only course of action would be to pay a lot to have it replaced or use a paintable silicon chaulk. I would chaulk the crack and and go buy a sample jar of a paint the color of your choice and paint the the whole tube several times...A.H
  15. Huey Rider

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    Or you could try this lol!

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  16. ^ Wow! I don't think I could had even imagined something THAT wrong!

    The real fix is to kill the power, disconnect the wires, fish out the wires, replace the cracked section, push the wires back through then re-connect. If you can't undo the cracked section clear back to a junction box (replace the whole length of it) be very, very careful not to nick the insulation while cutting out the bad section of conduit. It's still going to have wires sticking out of it while you cut; you don't want it to short out on the next person who touches the conduit! Not rocket science, just time consuming. I would not use caulk for more than a temporary fix.
  17. srt 10 jimbo

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    flexable Seal'tight is weather proof and code aproved.