fixing to try some BLUEDOT for my handgun ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tonto, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. tonto

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    Anyone like Bluedot? I have to change after finishing up a can of Unique. Good shooting but the dirtiest powder i have ever put through a gun!
    I am trying bluedot as i can use it in nearly any of my calibers for handgun ammo(.45,.357,.40)But any feedback on it would be nice.
  2. jerry

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    have only used in heavy shotgun loads, by it's looks, seems like it may be a bit unruly to measure. Try it, it may be the best thing for your gun. they are all different.
    let us know how you do.

  3. Blue Dot is a dog of a powder. I have used it in shotguns (16 ga heavy loads) with pretty poor results due to large amounts of unburned powder. I have used it in pistols (.44 Mag) and anything it does there can be done better by almost anything else (like H110).
  4. Big Dog

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    Haven't tried Bluedot yet. I have been using Red Dot a lot in my .38, .357 and .45ACP loads. I like it, and it isn't too dirty.
    Lately, I have been trying both H4227 and Lil' Gun - both Hodgdon powders.
    The H4227 performs okay, but tends to leave a lot of residue - weird yellow granules that eventually get under the ejector star and jam the cylinder.
    Not good!

    The Lil' Gun in the .357 Magnum really shines! Clean burning, accurate and it gives excellent velocity while keeping pressures low. My current .357 load with this powder gives 1500+ FPS in a four inch barrel, and felt recoil is well less than factory Rem/UMC loads. We clocked 1950 - 2028FPS in a 20 inch-barreled lever-action carbine! Nice hunting loads.
    Good thing it worked well - I bought two pounds of it for starters. I'll also be using it for my .22 Hornet, .32-20 and 7.62 Nagant loads.