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    Hey guys,
    This is mainly for Florida Gun owners. I'm about to get PCSed to FL. I was just wondering what the Gun Laws were there regarding purchases and CCW. What is the procedure to get your CCW in FL? My state doesn't have Recipriocity with FL. TIA Eric
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    Greetings. I live in Cocoa...the space coast. In Fl we do not register guns with state..local authorities. There are no permits needed to buy..own or transpot a firearms. Most areas have a 3 day wait for handuguns none for long guns. I heard that Miami has a 5 day wait...must be a city ordance. Class 3 is allowed..course federal forms still appaly. As for CCW you take a 3 hour class and pay the sate $100 or so...and they send you your CCW in a few months. Not sure of the reciaprocity from other states...I know Fl dont reconize a lot of proffessional lic from other states. If you have a CCW then there is NO wait on any firearm..except class 3 of course....buy and drive. Since you are bing transfered the pay diffrence which is a big thing for people moveing to FL should not effect you...family mebers will notice that we dont get paid dirt down here...FL is a non union right to work state....the big joke is that you get paid in sunshine...cost of liveing depends on the area..cities like Orlando are higher than small towns. My e-mail is listed if I can help you out any....also depending on what part of FL.. you are going to we have large populations of spanish speeking people....as well as some serious drug (crack) problems in diffrent parts of the state...near the tuerist areas is controled..out lieing areas it is not.

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    Thanks Doglips,
    When I get closer to leaving I'll e-mail you with some questions. I looked up on packin.com and lo-and-behold my state has recipriocity with FL. being as mine is only $5 a year and from what I read, FL was $117 for five years and a $65 renewal...I'll just show up 'packing' and be legal and keep using my CCW. Thanks again, Eric
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    ccw and such

    Doglips pretty much summed it up. But if you have proof of a safety course, or qualifications badge from any branch of military then no need for safety course just fill out paperwork and send copies of military qualifications course or ribbons, badges etc., get fingerprinted, a passport photo(any walgreens does this cheap, i got mine done at patrick AFB for free)oh yeah and shell out the cash. get your package at most any gun shop.
    I live down the road from doglips about ten miles and everything he wrote for this area is very true- but there are still a few union brothers out there. Local 773 IAM , untill we are ran outta the cape we are united.