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    This picture is of a 1763 shortened model 2nd land pattern Brown Bess musket. 75 caliber. I use it in Revolutionary War Re-enactments portraying a Continental Dragoon.

    Normally the flame isn't so big, but the previous shot had not fired and, unlike my re-enactments where we never place a solid object down the barrel, this one was rammed. So this is a double blank load, although our Re-enacting loads are generally reduced, usually around 100gr of black powder. Nothing stressful for the gun, as it is made out of modern steel.

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    Cool smoke pole man!

  3. In recent warfare history didn't they call it a flame thrower?

    BTW, what was the kick on that dern thing and is you shoulder black and blue afterwards?
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    Well, I've only shot actual projectiles out of it once, and that was buckshot with nothing but paper for wadding. I can't remember too well, but it couldn't have been worse than a 7.62x39.
    When firing blanks it's more like a 223, except that it's a gentle push spread out over a longer time, since we don't even use wadding in re-enactments.
    The butt has a very ergonomic thick brass plate that makes an excellent butt-stroker, though I've never used it as such, being as we're not actually fighting the war all over again (I've seen it used, and people who do that are either breaking safety regs or have choreographed it).