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    The media is attacking flash supressors now...... They are saying that they are completely illegal. Not true. They are illegal in conjunction with a number of other "extras." But we all know this. I'm preaching to the choir here.

    Why are they saying this guy is such a precise shot? They say he's using a semi auto, and he probably is; I don't know for sure. However, for being so precise, it sure does seem as though he is landing a bunch of gut shots and torso shots. Sounds like he's dang good at combat accuracy to me. Totally effective shots, but not indigenous to the true sniper craft. Anybody can hit at 100 or 200m with iron sights on an AR or a Mini.......
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    THE BASTAGES.......................

    they babble on and on about presumptions, possibilitys, what ifs. they don't know any more than any one else does, just that they have the microphone and cameras. the guy is an average shot. just very cunning in his abilitie to escape and evade the law.

    the latest BS story is theres any AWOL French officer, who happens to be an exceptonal marksman in the States. and he's on the possibles list
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  3. oneastrix

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    Yep, he's all about the E & E for sure...
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    What a crock. I still think he is using a bolt action. Bolt action rifles are much better for single shots and there is no need to hunt down the case.
  5. True there Klaus


    I also think he is using a run of the mill Kmart available rifle, with out a scope!

    At 100 yds with a scope, anyone here can hit the little black circle in a standard target. This idiot cannot even land a consistent kill shot to something as large as a torso. And his latest victim was standing in the doorway of a bus, pre dawn! No standard scope would be of much use then!

    If he has night vision or low light optics, he is a suck shot! Everyone at Camp Perry could outshoot this wing nut!
  6. Shaun

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    we don't know what the gun is and until they catch him for all we know it could be anything that will shoot a 22 caliber bullet. the possibilities are Thompson Contender to a rifle (Semi or Bolt) -- calibers (see below for a list of 22 calibers) he could be using a flash suppressor but on the otherhand if this guy knows what he is doing he can disguise the flash with many things simply being in a dark room will do it. He is smart he researches his next point of attack for ingress and egress. He knows that they are watching one area and shifts to somewhere a ways away. He probably has a scanner and is monitoring all LEO radio traffic through and earpiece.

    The body shots tell me its an average shooter - most likely iron sights as he has been lucky with a few head shots. His ability to kill at will is what concerns me he has no regard for human life and even the most hardened of our military will tell you they only did it to protect other soldiers. The issue with the few that have survived tells me he doesn't have the extreme precision of someone who is really trained well. The other issue is that he has only succeeded in killing those who were stationary targets.

    here are a list of what the calibers could be
    BR Remington
    Remington Auto
    Remington Jet
    Savage Highpower
    Super Jet
    Super Max
    Winchester Auto
    Winchester Centerfire
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    It really doesn't matter what he's using. It is what it is. The whole thing will boil down to what they can PROVE he's using, and that's the style of weapon that will be on the hit list. They have already shown they don't care if it's a semi-auto or not-they just want to bash ALL firearms. If it's a single-shot XP-100 that's being used, you can rest assured that the anti-gunners will link them to ALL classes of firearms.
    We're in for a long fight, and this will be gettting really ugly before it's over with. I'm working OT to give some extra to the NRA and GOA.
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    Hadn't seen a good Modula Obligata shot yet...
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    I have to disagree with you on one small detail. They stated the bus was on a lay-over, whatever that is, and the driver was doing some paperwork. If there was enough light to see the paperwork then there would be plenty to aquire a sight picture through a scope. Think about an early morning deer stand. A good scope will gather light enough for a shot before the eye can completly resolve the target from the background.

    I don't think it's a rifle at all it's too hard to conceal, a semi-auto would have left more brass to be found. He wouldn't want to spend his get-away time policing up his brass. A single shot is harder to determine direction from, that's why distress shots are taken in three's it gives the mind a better chance to refine the direction they came from.
  10. What are you suggesting? A Contender with a scope.
  11. dave375hh

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    Yes that or something similar. Add an Uncle mikes bandolear holster under a jogging suit or a breifcase carried by a "suit", and stopping all the trafic in the eastern US won't find him because he just walks away.
  12. You make a good point. This guy has probably been seen by several people. They just didn't recognize him as a threat.
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    im not going to take a guess at whats being used or not, but rather suggest that it could be anything, and for those that think its not a semi auto because its not leaving brass-2 thoughts he's possibly shooting from inside a vehicle at times(hey lets outlaw cars), or using a brass catcher! just my thoughts.
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    Hadn't thought about a brass catcher.....cheap as heck to buy and very effective for not leaving unintentional evidence behind.
  15. Hiya Dave!

    Howdy Dave,

    I can see your point, but then it really makes this guy a trained monkey if that's all the better shot he can pull off through a scope...
  16. Oxford

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    Considering that the sniper has not been noticed by anyone, he's probably an average looking person, etc. with modest surroundings.


    -Avg height
    -White or could be black, probably not oriental or of middle asian descent, could even be female
    -No unusual clothing
    -Nothing flashy on his person to draw attention
    -Not carrying anything that looks suspicious
    -Probably not driving anything that stands out such as a new vehicle, old vehicle, red or other bright looking car, or anything that would draw attention

    That's my guess. Who knows...someone might come up with a good idea for LEO to pursue.