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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by hfreyer, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. hfreyer

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    Picked up a Garand at the flea market yesterday. It is in beautiful shape. It has no import marks. It appears to be all Springfield Armory, with the receiver dated Feb 45, and the barrel dated Nov 46. The stock has been replaced at some time, because it has the DOD eagle cartouche. It still has an old CMP tag with it. There is an electric pencil date of 1/69 on the lower tang of the receiver. Someone also used an electric engraving pen to put a serial number on the bolt, but it is not the same as the gun. I will have to get to the range in the near future.

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  2. gandog56

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    I've been to flea market after flea market here, have NEVER found a gun yet.
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  3. PAPA G

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    Local flea market guns is too high for me!
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  5. ChaZam

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    Good find. You seem to do pretty good at the 380 flea market...
  6. Ron Eagle Elk

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    I've been going to the wrong flea markets. Nice find.
  7. oldjarhead

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    Nice...now the big question...?????
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  8. jwrauch

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    Here in Kentucky we see guns at the flea markets all the time. Usually priced pretty high but I have found a few bargains. Nice find !! JR
  9. hfreyer

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    Flea Market Garand

    I wound up paying $800 for it. That is less than the one I bought at the Cabellas in Fort Worth ($1000), but more than I paid for the Blue Sky import Springfield at the Lewisville gun show ($750). As far as wear and condition I have to rank the Blue Sky as the best, with the flea market one close behind, and the Cabellas close behind that. I am now learning what to look for.

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  10. MosinRuger

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    My friend you did well for $800! I would love to find something like that at a flea mkt, around here theres just junk for sale.
  11. jwrauch

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    That's a GREAT FIND !!! JR
  12. gandog56

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    Have you ever looked into getting a CMP Garand? I got two, a Springfield Armory and an H&R, don't think I paid over $600 for either of them.
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  13. PaleHawkDown

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    That's because you're on the Florida side of the state. Rifles are a staple of flea markets here
  14. gandog56

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    So far, since I moved to Alabama about two years ago, I have been to exactly TWO yard sales that had guns. And one of them was only an old pump shotgun which mine was better. The other one had three old milsurps, I ended up picking up a Swiss 96/11. Have yet to see even one gun at any flea market around here. Lots in pawn shops, but they want pawn shop prices for them.
  15. PaleHawkDown

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    A lot of yard sales have guns, but only under two conditions: 1. They have not advertised guns, lawnmowers, weed eaters, or military stuff because if they do someone will inevitably come early and snatch them up, If guy stuff is being advertised, people will show up to ask about OTHER guy stuff. And 2. you get to the sale as soon as they are putting stuff out. One of the best ones I ever went to was one I was drug to by my mother. The advertisement was for "decorator items" and "children's items". Decorator items turned out to include several muskets, which upon inquiry led to finding out there were a lot of other guns the owner would be happy to part with.
    Children's items turned out to be a giant bucket full of Mego figures and vehicles, a pile of silver and bronze age comics, and a ton of other rare and valuable collectibles.

    The last one I went to that advertised guns was a bust. All that was left at the late hour of 6 a.m. was a rusted shotgun. I was told the table was full of guns and stuff brought back by grandpa from WWII.
  16. Even if there are no guns at garage / yard sales I will ask or bring it up indirectly. Was taking with an ol boy and conversation went t0 boy scouting and shooting. He said he had his fathers Garand but would not sell it. Flashed $400 from my pocket and he said, "I'll go get it." Turned out to be a Smith Corona 1903 03A3. Got it for $225. That was over 10 years ago. Top one.

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  17. gandog56

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  18. gandog56

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    Hmmm, about the same distance to Mississippi or Florida where I am.
  19. PaleHawkDown

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    The rest of the state has always called Baldwi, Mobile, Escambia, Covington, Geneva, Houston, Henry, Dale, Coffee and Conecuh either L.A. or North Florida...but if you'd rather be called East Mississippi I guess we can start doing that. I don't really see that as an improvement.