FMJ Ammo Prices? M2 Mag Catch?

Discussion in 'M1 Carbine' started by Texas03A3, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Texas03A3

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    Last time I bought a box of 50 Remington/UMC it was around $15.

    Yesterday at Bass Pro a box of Remington softpoints (all they had in .30M1) was a staggering $46.99!

    Haven't been to a gunshow since before "change" hit Penn Ave, so I was wondering what kind of prices y'all are seeing for boxes of 50 FMJ these days.
    Too many empty mags...

    2nd Question: Who has authentic M2 mag catches and 30 rd mags at a decent price?
    I used to have a nice 30 but with my M1 catch it would jam and fall out, so I gave it to a friend who has a nice IBM.

    (Pretty much set for 15's, with ten very nice ones and four WWII pouches).

  2. FS00008

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    Fulton Armory on teh M2 mag catch.

    I paid about $18.99+Tax for a box of 50 Wolf .30 Carbine yesterday at Cinco Grande. These work fine in my NPM.

  3. tbird430

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    You can buy 500 rnds of Agulia M1 Carbine ammo at It is a reasonable price too.
  4. oldjarhead

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    The CMP is your best bet for a decent price of boxer primed reloadable carbine ammo.
    Bass Pro is bilking their customers...
    Also check Ammunition To Go, and the Ammoman