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I was watching American Guns with my Brother-in-law yesterday and saw what I consider to be the coolest thing built on one of these gun shows in a while. They fabricated a scope mount since the FN has no way of attaching a scope. I assume since the slide is mostly polymer, while it could be drilled and tapped that it would probably not hold the same way metal does.

After a few minutes of googling it does appear that no one else offers this sort of rig for the Five-seveN. After seeing that I decided to take mine out to the range with my Brother-in-law today since he was testing his new SR9c anyway and much to my surprise 5.7x28mm was sold out and according to my guy behind the counter has been for months. Any other Five-seveN shooters out there seeing a "shortage" of ammo?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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