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My nephew called me the other afternoon and told me his buddy (that he has known for years and vouched for) had an H&K handgun for sale, because he needed some cash. No problem. So I ask him what kind of H&K?, as in model #.
He didn't have a clue, but offered to message me a photo.

Turns out it was a FNS in .40 S&W, in the original box, like new. I checked the prices online, and got the guy's phone #. Gave him a buzz, and we made a deal. I met him and bought it. I asked him how much it had been shot, and he told me he fired ONE round just to see that it operated.

It came with 3 mags, and one was loaded. So, on the way home, I stopped off on a back road and fired 3 quick shots, just to make sure it operated. I checked the round count in the 14 round mag and found 10 rounds left. My 3 shots + his one shot + 10 = 14.
Came home, and gave it a good cleaning, and the next day my sons came by and we took it and several other guns out for some trigger time. It functions well, and the sights are dead on.

I am very pleased with this one.
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