For A Young Soldier

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    As some of you know, I'm a member of a medievalist recreation group. We draw our members from all across society's boundaries and all around the world. For the sake of organization, the group's territories are divided in kingdoms, which are ruled by 'kings' and 'queens' who perform the ceremonial roles sovereigns and consorts did in the original Middle Ages. Their terms of office are for six months.

    A couple of days before the Last Court of the outgoing King and Queen of the East, word reached the parents of a soldier in Afghanistan that he'd been killed in action. They, and he, are members of the organization. The outgoing Queen is in real life a well-regarded poet. She read this in his honor at Last Court and called for a moment of silence in his memory.

    For a Young Soldier

    Too short a span you walked among us,
    sharing your laughter and your awkward grace.

    We raised you to be a warrior.
    We lit the fire of heroism in your heart,
    trained you to guard your clan, your home;
    We'll not turn away from you now.

    Whatever dark deeds of war
    have stained your soul are forgiven.
    What unfinished dreaming, or emotion
    unspoken, We will shelter for you.

    Let fall your sword, your shield,
    the haunted look in your ancient eyes.
    You have served Us well.
    You have earned this sleep.

    Though I am but a solitary Queen,
    Who never laid eyes on you in life,
    I would row your coracle to Avalon,
    and sing a grieving song.

    Countess Marguerite ingen Lochlainn / Kathy Journeay
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    ****! That tears at the heart...

    Thank you, Cy...

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    very well done