For all I know, Bigfoot is God.

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    Didn't really think about what I'd do if I actually came across it! All I had was a little .410 shotgun. Unless I got really lucky, that'd probably only pi$$ it off!:oops:
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  2. the cat? ... the bobcat? .... the jaguar? ... a Jacksonville Jaguar? .... the Florida panther? .... the Carolina Panther quarterback? .... oh, never mind, I just noticed you said COUGARS above ..... was that cougar you might have bagged a Tom?

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    Confucius Say --

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    wait,,, that is NOT a wookie.
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    I hear strange sounds coming from the swamp at night,don't know what they are,don't wanna know! :eek:
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    late nite at the WH
    shaved and unshaved
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    Didn't notice at the time. Was too busy admiring the crosshairs on him and wishing I could shoot. Felt like a proper nitwit when I found out I could have.