for all you old western fans

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    RFD-TV - Rural America's Most Important Network

    third paragraph from the bottom. RFD-tv is planning on airing Roy Rogers films. if you are old enough to remember the King of Cowboys, he represented the good, moral cowboy hero that so many of us grew up with, and idolized.

    it will be a trip down memory lane, i wonder how the young buckaroo's will react to Grandpa's movies:banana::arms:
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    I love westerns.
    Watching the Duke, in "North to Alaska" right now.

    We used to get RFD TV.
    But, they switched the programing.
    And now it is a separate, pay channel.

  3. RFDTV is one of my favorite channels. Coming from a man with no TV service. :p
    RFDTV, CMT, and GAC are all I need!
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    As I've stated in this forum before, my dad served with one of the original Sons of the Pioneers during WWII in Burma.