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Discussion in 'SKS' started by Martin Rage, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Martin Rage

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    [ame=]YouTube - Field eXpedients: No U.S. Ammo? SKS Vulture Gun 7.62 BackUp[/ame]

    try not to laugh to hard.
  2. Sounds like he was making a video for a leadership class presentation. I cringed when he chambered that live round.

    The MARCK-15 has been out for a bit. You can change out caibers in about 90 seconds

    [ame=]YouTube - MGI Hydra (MARCK-15) Low Res Video[/ame]
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  3. Midas

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    Who is this goon? sounds like the rambling BS of another armchair commando to me.
  4. Mosaka

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    They already tore this doofus a new one on the SKSBoards, heres the guys response vid ... its hilarious

    [ame=""]YouTube - re: Field eXpedients: No U.S. Ammo? SKS Vulture Gun 7.62 BackUp[/ame]
  5. Laughed so hard, started to tear up. Thanks for that, made my day.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    Its amazing that they don't need a license !!
  7. Martin Rage

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    Yea I saw another video tearing into the guy, funny thing is that the guy that is making the counter video also presents "facts" that are very tacticool ninja like.
  8. Brandhard

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    I couldn't handle it. I have a short tolerance for folks who make fools of the human race! A few millenia ago King Solomon wrote, "Of the making of books there is no end." If he could see the retards making YouTube vids He'd croak!
  9. IMH1

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    did anyone notice what position the safety was in when that moron chambered a live round.....
  10. MilkMan

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    Yes IMH that was the first thing I looked at. The spoof vid is hilarious!
  11. CopperniX

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    I dunno about this guy haha and in our unit we could use "enemy weapons" if we were deployed but we couldnt carry any extra firearms because they could be used as a "drop weapon" meaning you could shoot some civilian drop the weapon by him and say he aimed it at you.
  12. "It has a pistol grip, so it's more accurate!" HAHAHA!! And not only could I not believe the safety being in the "fire" position (bad enough!), but his finger was on the trigger when cycling those rounds! This video cracks me up every time I see it!

    The spoof was good also! I think there are several made from this video
  13. gschnarr

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    This guy needs to stop eating lead paint chips and reading comic books.
  14. Here's another spoof of it.

    [ame=]YouTube - This "crap for brains" wants sks issued to U.S Army, full auto sks,[/ame]
  15. TheJoker

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    Brilliant! Brilliant!! Thanks for the laugh!

    Maybe the US should also carry the Tokarev Pistol as back up to their Beretta. Yeah, THAT'S the ticket!