For Cyrano’s edification....splitting New York State

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    New York
    Not news here, Huey, but the more extreme Upstaters, myself included, don't think it goes far enough because it leaves the state legislature still in place, and that means tyrannical state laws will still be passed by the Democrats because the Rotten Apple would still control the legislature. What we want is to split New York into TWO states. as follows.

    The Nine Counties (the five counties that make up New York City, plus its four bedroom-suburb counties of Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk on Long Island) would be divided at the northern borders of Westchester and Rockland Counties. They would become "the State of New York."

    The other 53 counties of the Empire State would become the "State of North New York," or the "State of New Amsterdam," or the "State of Hudson," or the "State of Nocuomo," or whatever we wound up agreeing to call ourselves. The point is we would no longer be under the boot of the Democrats because they have so many Jack-Offs in the Nine Counties.

    How can that be done, given the Jack-Offs in the Rotten Apple and its suburbs that outnumber the rest of the voters? Simple: by not making it a direct election.

    The referendum to split the state would be to tell the County Executive of each county how they are to vote at the convention which would split the state. Broome County, with its 5,000 or so voters, would have the same vote in the convention as New York County, aka Manhattan Island in New York City, with its million or so voters. If a majority of the 62 counties in the Empire State -- 32 counties, in other words -- voted Yea to splitting the state, the state would be partitioned. The Nine Counties would take Il Duce Cuomo, Upchuck Schumer, and Sock Puppet Gillibrand, who only care about the Nine Counties anyway, because that's where the big money donors and the prestige are. Upstate would elect a new governor, new Senators, write a new state constitution that would specifically include in the body of the document "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed by any state, county, or municipal law, regulation, ordinance, or executive order," and then go to work gutting and rewriting the state laws we inherited from the Nine Counties.

    And yes, though I am not a politician or a lawyer, I'd want a piece of writing that new state constitution and gutting the old laws. I doubt we could put an article in there making membership in the Democratic Party a felony and a disqualification for voting, but it might be fun to try!
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    lol my thoughts when I read the potential new names...

    "State of North New York,"


    "State of New Amsterdam,"

    What?!? seriously, sucks that the bulk of the state has to give up the name to NYC...

    "State of Hudson,"
    Yea it runs upstate but sounds too much like NYC... and it only impacts the far east of the state.

    or the "State of Nocuomo,"

    I lived in upstate NY for many a years and grew up the most in that state so i can make fun of it. I got out and swore to never go back...

    Unfortunately I landed back in MD (had already been here too before---I moved around a lot growing up) ... which at the time wasnt quite as communist as it is now ...but it is what it is and now im stuck here for the time being.... but its still not as bad as NY... There is always one place worse. :rolleyes: Its a shame we need to have these discussions.
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    True Tacav --- Many states like to lay claim to being the rectum delectum for the big enema.....but my vote would be the big hose goes in at the border of Newark and New York City.
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    New York
    I think you're too far west. I'd shove the nozzle in at Gracie Mansion.
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    Why not call the splitters New York, and call the chunk with the city in it something else, like:

    State of Decay (State motto: "The last great thing we brought to the world was The Ramones")

    State of Disarray (State Motto: "Home of the East Coast's most insane politicians")

    Bloom-burgh (State Motto: "Everything is de-funded, yet taxes rise")

    The Commonwealth of Lenin (Motto: "Ne ver ne bóysya ne prosi")

    North Florida (motto: "The New Yorker of today is the obnoxious Floridian of tomorrow")

    The State of Time-Warner (Motto: "Soon to be the state of Disney, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.")

    The Sanitarium (Motto: "Beedobeedobeedo, Pthhp!" - translated as, "Always vote Democrat" in the language of the Ultracommi Loons of the planet Biden 4)

    The Lenape Indian Reservation (Motto: "Now under original management")

    Honkerland (Motto: "The 'Hear Me' state")

    Spaceballs: The State (Motto: "Come for our Schwartz, leave with some moichendise")

    A symbol representing the "dun, dun" sound from "Law and Order" (motto: "Dun Dun")

    A pictographic depiction of that F-U thing Italians do with their hand and their chin (Motto: "Do we look funny to you?")

    Floppy Pizzalyvania (motto: "All youse guys know nuthin bout good pie, the best pizza is from (gets punched in face)")

    North Jersey (motto: "Call us 'North Jersey' again, I dare ya.")

    New Middlesex (named after the English county that also has an obnoxious metropolis with too much political power, situated next to a filthy river) (Motto: " dat like a Tranny or sumpn?")

    New New York (motto: "Like our namesake, we are also populated by aliens and sewer mutants")
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    New York
    The choice not to rename the state the Nine Counties would become is a strategic move on my part. Many corporations and all the sports teams in NYC would actively fight the partitioning of the state if they had to change their addresses to, say, "New York City, Cuomostan 00000."

    By letting the sheeple keep New York as the state name, instead of opposition we Upstaters would get apathy, which is sufficient to advance the cause. The objective is to split the leftist scum off from North New York (my choice for the name; it keeps "New York" in the state name, with the precedents of North and South Carolina, North and South Dakota, and West Virginia), with as little opposition from and financial contributions to the Democrats who control the Nine Counties.

    "Eyes on the prize!"
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    The problem with "North New York" is that, with the possible exception of the split of the Carolinas, the "north" one is usually the crappy one.