For Dad and all the Vietnam vets

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by jerry, Apr 17, 2020.

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    :usa2:For my Brothers (both blood and military) and Sisters of the services.
    with some rewriting I imagine this could apply just as well today.
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    I remember it as a short time letter. Same letter read in movie Dear America.
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  5. I served 20 years in the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry I ask that you remember who was doing the spitting and chanting baby killer when our Troopers returned home from combat unwelcomed. The same party in protest today that who was doing it, now their children are doing it. Please remember what they did to Vietnam Veterans in the Ballot box & the Jury Box . THE WORST WOUND EVER INFLICTED ON THE VIETNAM VETERAN WAS BEING CALLED A BABY KILL AND SPIT ON BY THE VERY PARTY OF PEOPLE THAT SENT THEM TO VIETNAM IN THE FIRST PLACE.
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  6. :usa: God Bless the USA & our service men & women now serving & our Veterans.
    Freedom is not free never has been, very few Americans serve our country in the Armed forces.
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    Thanks to all of you for your service. It's looking more and more like those of us who haven't served may wind up defending our own homes against the same kinds of scum that protested back then !!
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    A story I'm not very comfortable telling. While in Viet Nam near Cambodia we would hire local kids to help us around the base camp. One kid I got to know Honcho, I noticed a scare on his abdomine and asked him about it. He told me VC would come to their village and draft kids on the spot and tell them you die fighting with us or you die right here. They would send the kids in first with bungalore torpedoes to blow up the wire. He told me he took off running and tripped and cut his stomach on a tree stub. That's the communist MO. Noticed some protesters standing with there kids in front.
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  11. I remember that, and believe I still have my copy.
    US Army, 5th Infantry Division Mechanized, we were on loan to the Marines and operated with them along the DMZ
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