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    i was wondering i know you guys do a lot of regular range and barricade style target practice. but what about practice for those situations where speed is paramount and no time for aimed fire?? i know it sound gunslingerish, but i can imagine situations where the time to react is milli-seconds. is this training encouraged and taught by your depts???:confused:
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    I work for a small department in south Florida. We do practice some quick type shooting, including shooting from the hip at close(less than 5 feet) ranges. We also practice a form of the "EL Presidente" drill. We set up three targets side by side, draw from the holster, double tap each target left to right, reload, double tap each right to left. We turn it into a timed competition to make it interesting.
    Interestingly enough there was a recent article, in Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement ( I think), comparing point vs. aimed shooting. If I remember correctly it has been shown that taking a little extra time and aiming is more productive then just pointing and shooting. Ill try to find the article if you're interested.

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    thanks for the reply. i know the article you mentioned. its just tjhat i can invision circumstances where "quick draw and fire" may have to be used. and thanks for your services.;)
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    I work for a pretty good sized outfit. We use time and distance during our range time. The closer you are the less time you have - the further away the more time you have. We use the target turners or a stopwatch to limit time. Sometimes when your getting a round off just as the targets are turning the result is "slice" across the backer board and target.
    The idea is the closer you are the less reaction time you'll have. We start at 3 feet and have 4 seconds for two rounds.:uzi:
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    I work for a large dept. We do extensive training at up close and personal distances. Train for anything and everything, you never know what the scenario will be when it comes down.
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