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    During that too much time that I have on my hands, I've prototyped a foregrip for an HK-G3/91. It accepts a normal G3 grip and mounts onto a slim forearm. Any market out there for this or related products? Anyone think I'm on crack for thinking up such an idea?
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    Battle Rifle where do you get all that free time Prototype g-3 foregrips and 300wsm bullpup conversion? Great ideas have to have alot of free time for them though. Well greetings from south Alabama may your invention materialize and your aim be true

  3. BattleRifleG3

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    The 300 Win Mag bullpup is a dream that may never come to be, just an idea to toy with until I either get the tooling and experience necessary to build everything, or get massive $$$ to pay for custom work, or change my mind about it.

    The HK-91 foregrip is a whole different deal, I have a working prototype. In fact, I taught a friend to shoot mine today, and she found the foregrip to be an improvement in handling. Funny, cause I prefer the wide forearm for most shooting and the foregrip for rapid fire, and even then I don't use it much. I think it just makes it possible to launch higher powered bullets at a faster rate, or allows smaller and less trained people to use higher powered rifles.

    Funniest part is, she liked my Mossberg 590 Mil Spec best of all.