foreign fighter pilots to patrol US skies

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    Silent takeover? White House invites
    foreign fighter pilots to patrol US skies

    By Rick Wiles
    American Freedom News
    Copyright April 3, 2002

    Could the citizens of the United States of America be witnessing a silent military takeover of their nation by foreign powers?

    The Bush White House plans to invite Norwegian fighter pilots to guard USA airspace. The F-16 pilots will be given presidential authority to shoot down any aircraft they deem as a threat to US skies. The foreign pilots will be granted the same authority as American pilots to intercept and shoot down hijacked airliners.

    Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld met this week with Norwegian Defense Minister Kristen Devold announced they are in basic agreement on the unprecedented military operation to have foreign pilots fly potential combat missions in USA airspace. “We have offered F-16s to the US, and the signal is that they might be needed,â€￾ stated Devold.

    Devold said Denmark and the Netherlands would join Norway with the deployment of F-16 fighter jets and pilots over the USA later this year if requested by the Bush White House.

    This is the second time the Bush White House has invited foreign soldiers to patrol USA skies. After September 11, President Bush became the first president in the history of the USA to invite foreign troops to guard the homeland. NATO allies from Norway, Germany, and Italy have provided crews to fly AWAC surveillance planes for USA air defense. AWAC surveillance planes are used by the Pentagon to provide both warning of incoming aircraft into US airspace and to direct aerial bombing attacks on enemy troops and facilities.

    Secretary Rumsfeld said the foreign pilots are needed because US military forces are strained by the global war on terrorism and UN peacekeeping missions. Permitting foreign pilots to fly over the USA “is a very important thing, given the scarcity of a number of assets,â€￾ said Mr. Rumsfeld.

    With Russia planning to join NATO later this year, two questions must be asked. Will Russian fighter pilots be flying over USA airspace by next year? Is this another step in a gradual plan to merge the militaries of numerous nations into a global army under the command of the United Nations?
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    Does anyone else get the irony of Russia joining NATO?


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    Am I the only one that has a problem with this?
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    Comrad Phacopsrana have sip of vodka and relax we are friends now....capitalist pigs and USSR now best buddies....You go fight war in other country and we will gaurd your house . You will like way KGB helps too keep the peace in the Soviet States of Amreica...woops I mean The USA....Besides just think when soviet troops arrive you will be able to get real AK magazines and not these cheep copies. Das ba dan ya.

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    Joint operations

    I am all for joint operations and training other (allied) forces but this sounds more like "just come on over and do what you want". They do not need to be up there all alone with out a US representative.

    Last time this type of crap happened they shot down a missionary in SA, killing his wife and child.
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    This is going to be a wild ride. I hope this is a mock-up.

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    Bad Idea! This gives the world the notion that Uncle Sam can't protect his own turf. Why don't we pull back some of this military aid and support of the rest of the world, and bring the assets back home? Too logical. If we cut down on the foreign aid to nations that don't deserve it and hate us for it anyway, we could afford to beef up our forces. We've been too long without a threat to our homeland, that we can't conceive of another force coming here and fighting us on our own soil. We blithely play policeman to the world, but don't provide security for our own people. This is going to come back and bite us - hard! Keep your powder dry.
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    TO ALL WHO THOUGHT I AM NUTS ABOUT THE NWO, UN IN THE USA, AND BLACK OPS IN THE USA. i hope you get an idea about whats going on and the loss of soverignty!!!
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    Not Really News

    For a number of years we've had foreign troops based in South Mississippi and Louisiana. They occupy areas that have been denied access by news reporters and others who might accidently find themselves there. These occupied areas are heavily guarded by troops who speak no English. Some people have said that some of the troops are French Foreign Legion and others have been discovered to be Royal Dutch Marines. Still others have not been identified because there has been so little contact by those of knowledge. A WDSU-TV news man lost his recording equiptment and had his life threatened by one who was summoned to the location where he was held by those who spoke no English. It was reported that this man was the only one present with whom the reporter could speak and understand. There are also large numbers of various combat ready vehicles, such as tanks and APCs at those locations. Some of those are equipted with gas dispersion equiptment. They have been in place for long before President Bush took office.
    How about the detention centers that were built around the country during the Clinton administration. These have been identified as such by experts who flew over them for the purpose of determining their purpose.
    Will you occupy one of these?
  10. Ummm--One world U.N. military force. New World Order---you think? Hank is correct this stuff has been going on for years. Detention centers--yup, how else are you going to control the mass of politically incorrect U.S. citizens.
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    I don't like the idea of non us forces in the usa. If I recall there was a group of non u.s. personnel in a solid black chopper shoc last year by a farmer who thought they were drug runners. I guess we might hear about more of these. This would also be probably the UN's response to our not banning small arms "**** socialists "
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    I hate the thought of this! I hope this decision comes under Congressional review real soon. An absolutely boneheaded idea!


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    Joint operations

    We have long been engaged in joint training excercises with other coutries. I have seen Belgium? forces on Ft. Bragg and my father did a training excercise in Italy while in the National Guard back in the 80's. This I think is a good idea.

    However as stated above, this article appears to say that we are turning over our jusrisdiction to other nationals to come in and patrol our borders at their discretion. This I am opposed to. If it is a joint operation training program then I think it is a good way to get some free "coolie" labor from some of the countries that have been mooching off us for years.
  14. Jessie--I agree but I feel like this is something that has to happen. You already know some of my views on prophecy.
  15. The U.S. and foriegn troops have been flying around in there black choppers and practicing drills in rural towns across the U.S. Why are they doing this? Ummm--maybe preparing for war in the streets. Maybe its just me, but just how loyal are foriegn troops going to be to U.S. citizens???
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    ///then I think it is a good way to get some free "coolie" labor from some of the countries that have been mooching off us for years.///

    Well-stated, and I completely agree. Meanwhile I just ordered three battle packs.
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    Wasn't it public knowledge that the biggest threat to US warplanes in Vietnam was from small arms fire?

    Does anyone get the implication of what I just said?
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    You're right Ben. Many choppers were put down by rifle fire. Hell, in the early days of U.S. involvement the VC brought down choppers with bows.
  19. Shaun

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    well guys somewhat on this subject

    German Warplane Crashes in N.M.

    HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AP) — A German warplane stationed at Holloman Air Force Base crashed in the mountains, killing
    one of two crew members and igniting a forest fire, authorities said Thursday. The other crewman safely ejected.

    The German Tornado crashed Wednesday night in upper Laborcita Canyon near Bent in the Sacramento Mountains about 20 miles
    northeast of the base. The wreckage lay scattered among the ponderosa pines, where the crash sparked a forest fire. Firefighters on
    Thursday battled the blaze, which burned over about 10 to 20 acres.

    The crewman who ejected was able to walk about 250 yards when he realized smoke from the fire was getting closer, a rescuer said.

    He was in stable condition Thursday at Gerald Champion Medical Center in nearby Alamogordo.

    The crew member who was killed also had ejected, authorities said.

    The cause of the crash was not known, Holloman officials said.

    The first contingent of German Tornado aircraft arrived at Holloman in March 1996. More than 300 German Air Force members are
    permanently assigned to the training center, which is the only one of its kind in the United States.

    Two German Tornados from Holloman collided and crashed near Carlsbad in southeastern New Mexico in September 1999. All four
    crew members from those planes parachuted to safety.

    A German pilot and a weapons systems operator from Holloman were killed in October 1998 at China Lake Naval Air Weapons
    Station, Calif., when their F-3 Tornado plunged into a ground installation, injuring six base workers.
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    Bad Bad Bad Idea,we don't need foreigners protecting our homeland.And if we quit paying for other countries security we wouldn't have a problem.