FORTY XDM required by-pass surgery.

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    Hi to all my G&G friends. Other than a brief check in last week, I have not been on site since the 30th of Aug. Here is what happened. On the thirtieth, my neighbor and I were going to verticut our yards then over-seed and fertilize. Ten minutes in to the procedure, I had a burning sensation, center chest and high. It passed fairly quick and I wasn't too concerned as my blood figures from last Dr. Visit were good and I have never had any trouble. Next day, I experience more of the same, and go to see my Dr. (wife was substituting for the day) He says EKG is (OK), but wants me to come in for stress test the next day at 11:00 am. That night, pain comes back about 10 and I take an ambulance to the emergency room. Result....September 1st, I undergo a quadruple by pass surgery done by Dr. Scott Stuart at NKC Hospital. Everything has gone just fine and I am now walking 10 minutes every other hour and doing breathing excercises every hour. This would be a happy ending, except I come back in to find out that ArkansasHunter is no longer with us. Apparently, he was having the same 'classic' symptoms that I was having but for whatever reason, had a different outcome. To ALL the wonderful folks at the site, Protect your loved ones and friends. If someone experiences this type of pain, drag them if you must........but get them to an emergency room. A heart attack that is the result of one or more clogged arteries is now preventable. But even today.......because we don't look deep enought at the first indications, this heart attack is still known as the "silent killer", as well as the "widow maker" when it is due to severe clogging of the left main coronary artery.

    Virtually "ALL" of these conditions are manageable if caught in time.

    I will post a bit more later, but in the meantime, IF you have a loved one that has symptoms but is being cavalier about it (like me), TAKE them in and insure that their life doesn't end to soon just because it is "inconvenient".

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    Tom....great to see you posting again.

    I'm happy that you're making progress and are walking regularly now. If/when you're ready for some company...please let me know. I'd like to come over and visit with you.

    Your advice above is priceless! I and others, no doubt, have heard that sort of warning many times before...but probably "shuck" it off as good advice....but think it won't happen to us. Thanks for the reminder. Those of us who are lucky to "seem" to have properly working hearts, etc. should still have regular check-ups. Obviously as we age our "system's" change, too. Nothing remains constant.

    We've missed your presence here on G&G. Will you be recouped enough for deer hunting this season? Hope so because I know that's one of your favorite things to do.

    Talk to you later,


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    Happy things worked out for you!
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    Happy to see you back too. Since our birthdays are only a day or two apart I will heed your advice and watch carefully for unusual symptoms.

    PS was searching old threads and saw several pics of your beautiful family. Very nice.
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    Good to hear you're recovering! Take it slow and know that our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!
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    Afton NY
    Man, that was a close one. Glad you reacted to what your body was trying to tell you. You just never know do you? Wish you a speedy recovery my friend!
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    Take good care of yourself. Keep us posted
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    Welcome back, Tom.... I had my triple bypass in 2007.... it gets better from here on out.... trust me... :)
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    Glad to hear you caught it in time and are on the road to recovery. Lost my wife back in 1994 to a heart attack. She was dead before the ambulance got to the house. She was only 36. You are never to young to get yourself checled out. G;ad you listen to the voice inside your head telling you it's time to go to the hospital.

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    Take care friend we need you around.
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    Glad you're OK! Take it easy for now, mister!
    Don't type too fast in chat, or you'll wear yourself out! :)
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    Forty...I am glad to hear you are doing better, and I will keep you in my thoughts. Here is to a full recovery pard-ner!

    [ame=""]YouTube - My next thirty years[/ame]
  13. Welcome back and glad you're back Tom.
  14. Eric76

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    WOW!! Im the new guy ,but Id wanna say glad that youre ok!! Thanks for the message on pushing people to seek treatment.Ill defintely take that advice.Get well and God bless...
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    Glad you let us know, 40. You take care, exercise, rest, and you'll be back in full form very soon. Prayers sent for your very speedy recovery.
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    After a stay at the hospital im sure you are saying there is no place like home ! Glad you are on the mend. Take it easy. No excessive super moderatoring !
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    Good to hear everything is good.Keep getting stronger.
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    Take care of yourself and please keep us all updated.
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    Forty glad your doing well. Keep up the recovery.
  20. Happy you got medical help

    Sending a prayer you have a long and happy life.