Found gold in a silver mine.....

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by bullet head, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Well, I posted last week in another thread( Headspace?) that I was about to start my hunt for my first MN. So, I went to my buddy's pawn shop to see what he had,he said he had a few old military rifles.He doesn't have a lot of interest in guns he's more of a gold buying and antiques dealer. Anyway I said let's see what you've got thats been standing in the corner in back for 20 years. No MN at all. No 1903's. But, he did have a 1938 German trainer in.22 cal.,looks like a small Mauser in pristine condition and an Arisaka Type-99, I believe Series 30, with all the parts un-molested. The 99 is pretty "rough" right now, but it should clean up o.k. Anyway not knowing exactly what I had and some back and forth on price, I walked out with both rifles for $200.00. After I got home and did some checking I found out I hit a home run on this one. He still has some more at home so lets see if I get my Mosin. I'm a happy boy anyway.....bob
  2. Hope to see some pictures...!

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    Yep, we need pics !!
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    You are SUCH a lucky stiff!
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    Yea, no one believes you even have these until we can see some pics! The nerve of some people to say they got all this awesome stuff, and not post pics!! You're in BIG TROUBLE MR :D:D:D
  6. A pawn shop here had one of those trainer Mausers. He was asking $600 for it. So, sounds like you got a real good deal.
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    Pics are coming. Right now the T-99 is in pieces all over the garage in soaking cans LOL. As soon as I get it together I'll snap some ......bob v
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    This is tough Bob!!!!
    Some of us inhaled when we read your original post and are still holding our breath waiting on THE PICTURES.:cool2:
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    Is it a DSM 34?

    The DSM 34 was a .22 training rifle used by Germany to stay in compliance with the Treaty of Versailles. Very cool indeed.
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    O.K., Finally got the T-99 cleaned up a little and took some pics. Here's my little beauty's, hope you like them as much as I do. I'm going to try to post the pics like everyone else but I've had problems before. If I can't I'll put a link.....bob v

    Picasa Web Albums - Robert - Trainer & Jap#
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    Nice Scores! Thats a series 32 Toyo Kogyo T-99. The monopod alone is worth $150 and the original cleaning rod is about another $100. Does the bolt match? Looks like the mum is intact. I wish i could find deals like these.
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    Yes and yes. Everything on the rifle matchs and the mum is intact. The only thing missing is the dust cover. You are correct about the series and arsenal, you know your Japs. This is an early 32 transition made about July or early August 1943. Glad you enjoy it.....bob v