Fox hunting help PLEASE!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nc.hunter, May 28, 2008.

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    Guys, if you had to choose a certain type of ammo for fox hunting for a .22 magnum what would it be. Those RWS dynamit nobel bullets are 40-grain full metal jacket bullet with 360 LBS. of muzzle energy and it moves at 2020 F.P.S Still I am open to all suggestions on the type of bullets. 90% of my shots would be 75 yards or under.
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    I am not real hep on ,22mag except to say whatever those Winchester hollowpoints are.They are the most accurate cartridges I have found.I worry more about hitting where I want to than how hard I hit.CCI has more power but they dont shoot very straight. sam.

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    nc.hunter: Sir; what distances do you plan to shoot
    What part of the body; i.e. head? shoulder? rib?

    Go to CCI's web site. Look at the "varmint" recommendations.
    I like 0072 Segmented Hollow point. It will expand creating the wound channel.
    muzzle 1875fps
    100yds 1319 fps

    Keep practicing; get where you know when you pull the trigger; target is hit.
    40grn will take the same practice as the "TNT 30grn"
    Your proper target on a fox. Head shot, NOT nose; NOT neck; NOT ribs.

    Follow up with your thinking. Thanks
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    I also think a .22 mag is too light for fox...having said that my wife dropped a red fox with a .22LR (lung shot) and once in awhile I still find myself with my .22 mag and a hand caller waiting for a fox and or coyote to show. So I'm the pot calling the kettle black.

    I think CCI pretty much rule with the Maxi-Mag+V but they would not group well in my .22 mag.


    For years I used the Winchester 40gr jacketed hollow point (on the right above). On the left is the Winchester 34gr HP Supreme. Note the difference in the hollow points. I am very pleased with the 40gr hollow point results on varmints sized critters up to skunk size. The 34gr is an unknown since I have yet to kill any varmints with it. The only reason I am switching to the 34gr is it is more accurate than the 40gr.

    I did buy the .22 mag with the intent of using full metal jacket bullets at times to save fur and or get that extra 25 yards distance on squirrels compared to a 22LR. A 22 mag HP is way too much on a squirrel, but the FMJ good for meat hunting squirrels.

    I would say you will be very dissappointed with a .22 mag full metal jacket on a fox with a lung shot. It will die but you may not find it, whereas the hollow point will dispatch quicker if lung shot.

    So I would not feel I was at a disadvantage even with a slower moving hollow point that had less foot pounds than the fast RWS full metal jacket you mentioned.
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    You are stalking a 15-20 lb animal. it's about the size of a Shetland Sheepdog. About anything will do.
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    That is a huge fox you are after!The largest recorded in Mich.was 13.?lbs. sam.
  7. We have just a mite bit bigger here in Arkansaw.
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    Years ago,Fox Calling contests were popular in this area of the midwest that I live in.I saw quite a few brought to good scales at a local sporting goods store and the biggest I ever witnessed weighed 12 pounds.(female Gray Fox)Most weighed in the 8 to 11 pound range.I don't know if they get bigger in other areas of the country or not but a 15 to 20 pound Fox would be a real toad.
  9. I think the fifteen to twenty pounder was the 11 -12 pounder after it got done eating my chickens!!! Most I've killed have been at long range, 300+ yards with my .308, 168 gr. Winchester Supreme Ballistic Tips. Yes, I know its not a varmint rifle, but it goes where I send it. A fox is only a 3-4 inch vital zone target at 300 yards, and I'm not concerned about pelts....I just want a dead fox. I have new rifles, .22-250, 7mm-08, and .357 that I am eager to try on them. The .357 is for close in calling. I sold the .22 Mag. to get the .22-250 because the mag. just couldn't do the job at distance.
  10. Just a mite bigger? All I've seen around here are reds, and a twelve pounder is huge.

    Personally, I wouldn't use a FMJ. Sure you've got penetration, but fox ain't that tough. You need energy transfer to make a humane kill.

    I've found the Speer .218 Bee bullet out of my Ruger 77/22Hornet works fantastic. Good energy transfer, and I seldom blow a hide.
  11. I use my 10/22 with bulk box federal copper plated hollow points. Never shot a fox i didnt kill instantly. These are not large game animals, it's about experience and shot placement. Don't take a shot you know you can't make a clean kill with. You can read that on any other hunting thread that asks what the best caliber for certain game is.