Fox model B 12 ga

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Theodore, May 12, 2008.

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    I picked up a nice double in a local pawn shop. Thirty inch full and modified barrels etc. When I tried to shoot it the right barrel would not fire and no impression was left on the primer..I put new firing pins in but this did'nt help...I'm hard of hearing but listening closely I could tell that the hammer on the right barrel did not hit as hard so I have now ordered new hammer springs..If this doesn't correct the problem I'm at a loss....anyone else ever had this type problem..could the hammer springs be or get so weak that they won't even cause a dent on the primer at all...? Or could there be another problem that I'm overlooking..
  2. I would go with the new hammer springs first. While you're in there go ahead and remove the firing pins and clean out their bores/ports, there might be some crud in there and might as well get it now.

    Once you have your new springs installed you might want to order some snap caps. Leaving the hammers cocked is likely what weakened the spring in the first place. Snap caps will help prevent damage to the firing pins when you set the hammers down.

  3. Theodore

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    I cleaned all the ports when I put the new pins and springs in...I just feel its got to be the hammer springs....when I get them in it will have new innards and hope this takes care of the I know why I got it for 125. But the bores are perfect and if I get it shooting for 20 or 30 bucks I'm still way ahead..thanks for the response
  4. Fox B fer a hunered and a quarter? Hope ya' threw in a jar of vaseline on the deal. jk Theodore, jk. Working or not, if it ain't rusted you got a decent price.

    From the way you described the sound of hammer fall I'd have to agree, the spring has taken a set from being left compressed (hammer cocked).
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    yessir...hope to have it shooting soon...bores are bright and shiny and wood is good....some little dings but nothing serious. thanks again for the come back....I'm out'a here