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    I was watching "On the Record"... seems now they are saying that the DC killer is using an AK-74 which they say "...can fire the .223 round used in the killings." Sounds more like a SAR-3 Romanian. The SAR-2 AK-74 Romanian fires a 5.45X39 which is a .21 caliber. It also seems that a woman actually saw the killer fire the rifle in the latest killing. She also saw him drive away. This may be where the partial license tag report came. I got this info from a person who lives in the Fairfax, VA area. Also heard that Gov. Glendenning of MA banned all outdoor shooting in his state.

    It seems that no composite drawing of the killer is currently in circulation.

    Just for your info.
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    I was just watching something very similiar on Fox news....also my wife came home from work wanting to know what an AK74 was..

  3. They also said .223 was sniper accurate to 700 plus yards.


    My Sar 3 is sniper accurate, at best, up to 150 yards.

    I think someone is stretching the facts on the .223 capabilities.
  4. And, I know this is likely to spark some debate but another thing that is just pi$$ing me off about this thing ( and other gun realted news issues) is that the NRA, etc. has NOT come forth to dispute anything or to express the idea that gun ownership does not mean that we are all potential snipers.

    I sent e mail to NRA to that affect but I doubt if it will make any difference or that they will return a message.

    I sometimes wonder just what my dues are really doing.

    And, I just as soon not hear this crap that they are working behind the scenes.....they need to start showing their collective havos up front!
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  5. wes

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    I agree Dale,the NRA should be having a fit about the "slamming" going on to good gunowners.
  6. i heard the AK74 thing this afternoon on CNN they also seem to be hammering on the assualt rifle thing to, over and over the talking head on tv kept asking if an m16 or ar15 could have been at work, plus there was a couple of audience questions (it was the show talk back live on CNN) that sounded like they were plants from the brady bunch.
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    Better pick up an AK while you can..know Sara and her buddys gona make these rifles out to be demonicly possesd.
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    The AK-101 is the version that shoots .223. And I still say most, if not all, of the shooting was done with a bolt action rifle, probably NOT in .223 Rem.
  9. Dale if a AR-15 was tricked out for competition it could hit targets accuratly at 700 yds but I am sure this is not the case.
  10. Tricked out AR-15......accurate at 700 yards.....2100 feet with the .223 balistics and a trajectory that starts dropping off dramatically after 200 plus?

    That is some mighty fine shooting. So, that being the case whoever shoots it has to be highly trained.

    I didn't realize it could be done...thanks for the correction.

    I know I sure woudn't try it with my eyes and my SAR 3, lol.
  11. Jesse

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    Seems the AK-74 thing was completely bogus and made up by some clown that will surely face prosecution. The shooter was seen however in the Fairfax shooting, unlike the other shootings. It seems that every eyewitness account is different.