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Discussion in 'AK47' started by squirrelly, Aug 25, 2010.

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    i was going through a few parts lists on some websites and came across a fpk receiver and was wondering if an ak front trunnion and barrel would fit it.any one tried this before?

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    Well seeing as how FPK usually translates into PSL then the front trunion would be bulged. It would also be longer than a standard AK receiver because the PSL chambers the bigger 7.62X54R. I guess anything is possible with enough time and money but I don't see where you would gain anything by building an FPK/PSL/AK47 hybrid.

    It's much easier and cheaper to buy an RPK instead.
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    I was thinking that it would be cool to use a PSL bolt carrier/gas length on an AK - just curious how the extra weight and extended gas system would effect the rifle.

    Expensive experiment lol

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    I thought about using a heavy RPK barrel reamed out to 7.62X54R on a PSL build but figured it would get too pricey.
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    ya thats the site i found the parts at but i did not see the rifle .thanks
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    Not this one, they tried using a AK piston, inplace of the PSL piston. you can see where the problem would be there. If you read the links to the thread it has more details, and I think a few comments from the guys who built the things. I dont know a whole lot about the rifles in question, just what Ive scanned through and saved.